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Patience Musa started singing in 1999 while she was doing her A-levels at CCOSA. She started by doing backing vocals for artists such as Taso, Gospel Trumpet, Fungai Malianga and Mateo Kaunda. In the same year she joined Nexus Talent Agency, run by Edgar Langeveldt, and was asked to feature on Mateo's music videos. this led to her participating in another production - 'Impressions of Africa vol 2', produced by German producer Baba Dee. Patience also got the opportunity to write her own song for Mateo's album, 'Asambe Africa'. 

In 2000 Patience worked with Willom Tight, Lennox Chibanda, Sanchez Fred Allan, Walter Paradza, Conrad Masinba and James Buzuzu - as Mateo and Friends. Mateo and Friends participated in the 'Artists Against Aids' and 'Artists Against Poverty' campaigns that toured Zimbabwe, and also performed at the first HIFA. When Mateo and Friends disbanded, Patience went back to school to finish her diploma in Graphic Design. She joined The Other Four, a jazz band formed by Lennox Chibanda and made up of Mateo and Friends members as well as Dr Hukuimwe on saxophone, after a young lady from Lennox's church failed to show up for rehearsals.

Patience released her first solo album in 2003, 'With Love', which included the popular song 'Zvirinaani' and was released through Ruffcuts Promotions, who were also working with Mateo at the time. That year Patience was nominated for a Tsama award for Best jazz Artist, eventually losing out to Mbare Trio. In 2006 Patience released her next project, 'Patience', this time distributed by Gramma. This project introduced listeners to a mature Patience, with tracks like 'Crossroad' (co- written with Chirikure Chirikure), 'Rufaro' and the pop-rock song 'What About'. In 2010, after a well-deserved break, Patience released the CD, 'Patience Musa', produced by Jairos Hamba Hamba and featuring seasoned musicians James Buzuzu, Andy Brown, Q Montana, Adrian Mparutsa, Phil Svosve, Stunner, Claribel Nyakudyara and Isheanopa. It includes easy-listening songs like 'Butsu', 'Do You Remember' and 'Mwana Wangu'.


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Patience Musa
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