Owela Museum


The Owela Museum is situated between Robert Mugabe Avenue and Luderitz Street in Windhoek, Namibia. It is known for focusing on natural history as well as anthropology. The name Owela comes from a traditional African game.

The museum shows extracts from Namibia's natural history and has interesting and educational displays of Africa’s earliest inhabitants.

All items in the museum are made in Namibia. Numerous wood animals of all sizes, bowls, wooden forks and spoons, woven baskets, needlework, printed fabrics, jewelry, beadwork, paintings, musical instruments, books and many other things.

One of the displays, The Nama display, features everything form of typical grass hut and tortoise-shell powder box to the story of the Nama people, while the San (Bushman) exhibit delves deeper into the history and exploitation of these people, and explores their identity and culture. In addition, the Finnish embassy contributed donations to an old, existing exhibition depicting musical instruments from the indigenous peoples of Namibia.

Entrance to Owela Museum is free but a donation towards an AIDS charity is much appreciated.

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Owela Museum
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