OromoSounds is an internet based community platform. It is an attempt at reviving the original arts and music community in Oromia and beyond. The website has become the internet platform where Oromo bands, musicians, designers and artists can be seen and heard.

The first and most important mission of this site is to preserve, expand and prolong the use of the Oromo Culture. OromoSounds wants to accomplish this through the promotion of all original Oromo arts, fashion and entertainment. By forming a tight alliance with the Oromo community in Diaspora and back in Oromia, OromoSounds wants to help promote all forms of Oromo arts. The website is the first step in this process.

Ultimately, OromoSounds wants to provide a means for the members of the Oromo arts and entertainment community to get their message(s) heard. It wants to become the platform to plan and advertise community events associated with and centered around the OromoSounds community.

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Oromosounds .com
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