Organized Family


Organized Family is one of the talented music duos to emerge out of Zambia. The members are two dreadlocked siblings namely Orga Kent (real name Kent Singoyi) and Rex Singoyi. The two brothers were brought up in a Christian family which modeled them to be who they are. Founded in 2000, the duo have to date released five albums namely ‘Orga’ (2004), ‘Sinzakutangila’ (2006), ‘Missed Call’ (2008), ‘Koka Kola’ (2010) and ‘Kabende’ (2012). The success of their ‘Koka Kola’, ‘Kabende’ and ‘Marco Polo’ songs prompted them to launch Marcopolo in Basket’ and ‘Koka Kola’ videos.

In April 2014, they launched another album titled ‘Ringtone’ at Chez Ntemba night club. This was their second launch of their album in Namibia as they also launched their fourth album ‘Kabende’ in Windhoek. The title track is a combination of two songs namely ‘Double Crossing’ and ‘Titanic’.

Songs such as ‘Botolo Top’, ‘Hungry Lion’, ‘Facebook’ and ‘Train’ as well as ‘Njota’ popularly known as ‘Potato Salad’ in Zambezi region, Botswana and in Zambia, have become very popular in many night clubs.

Besides music, the duo formed a sports company to help with the marketing of Zambian football. The Oga family is associated with the ‘Coca-Cola song’. In June 2014, they collaborated with Zimbabwean artist Nikki to record two songs.

ZMLusaka, Zambia


Organized Family
Profile added by Ano Shumba on 15 Jan 2016