The Only Music Shop (TOMS)


The Only Music Store (TOMS) stocks all major musical instrument brands. There are currently four brances. The first, based in the heart of Johannesburg CBD, has been around for over four decades and was originally situated in Bree Street before moving to Braamfontein.

In the 1990s, Coastal Music, a small music shop in Durban, got injected with pure musical energy when it was taken over by the TOMS Group. Since then, this shop has become the hub for all musicians in and around Durban. The Sandton store opened its doors in September 2009. With their impressive glass shop front, great selection of gear and being located in new capital of business and trends, this became the home of the third member of the prestigious TOMS family. Finally, smack in the middle of South Africa in a music rich area called Bloemfontein, musicians were yearning for a shop with great expertise and a vast selection of musical instruments. TOMS answered with its Bloemfontein branch in November 2009.


ZAJohannesburg, South Africa


TOMS Office
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