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Omary Faraji Nyembo, stage name Ommy Dimpoz, is a Tanzanian Bongo Flava and AfroBeat Artist and song writer. He was born in 1987 in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania. Ommy began his musical career at the tender age of ten. While in primary school he participated in talent searches and frequently entertained guests at parties and weddings.

In 2005 while in high school he formed a group with his friends called West VIP it had four members including Ommy Dimpoz, he was also a former member of Top Band. In 2011 Ommy Dimpoz decided to go solo and recorded his first solo single ‘Nai Nai’ featuring Ali Kiba. The single was a huge success and topped the charts on radio and TV. The second single ‘Baadae’ also did extremely well on the radio and TV charts

The first single of the album Nai Nai was a huge hit in East Africa and received two Kilimanjaro Music Awards in 2012 the single also enabled Ommy Dimpoz to be nominated at the 2012 Nzumari Awards in Kenya.


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Ommy Dimpoz
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