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Omah Lay is a singer-songwriter from Nigeria. Born Stanley Omah Didia in Port Harcourt, the musician began singing as a teenager, with rap group Lil King. He later dabbled in production before launching his solo career in 2019 with songs like 'Do Not Disturb' and 'Hello Brother'.

In May 2020, Omah Lay released Get Layd, a five-song EP heralded by successful singles including 'You' and 'Bad Influence'. The following month, he became the first act to be featured on Apple Music's Africa Rising, a programme designed to elevate the careers of African artists.


Who's next? �
Soso ....
AMSTERDAM.. you all were so magical �
What goes on behind the curtain... stays behind the curtain. Amsterdam was unforgettable. �
Omah Lay - Holy Ghost (Official Music Video)
Omah Lay - Holy Ghost (Official Video) ...COMING SOON!
Omah Lay - Live at L'Olympia Paris 2023 (Official Full Concert)
Omah Lay - Live at L'Olympia Paris 2023 (Official Full Concert)
Afrobeat is uplifting. Afrobeat is deep. Boost my confidence.
Magic in the studio...
Clarity of mind. Clarity of vision. #holyghost
A special light in the dark ...� Brussels, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium - a beautiful Safe Haven
Boost my confidence messages only...
Omah Lay - Holy Ghost (Official Visualizer)
Have you seen my new ‘Soso’ video with my brother Ozuna?
‘reason’ official music video is out now on YouTube
Omah Lay - reason (Official Music Video)
Omah Lay - joanna (Official Visualizer)
Omah Lay - it's yours (Official Visualizer)
Omah Lay - imagine (feat. Aitch) [Official Visualizer]
Omah Lay - come closer (Official Visualizer)
New music in a few hours…
Incoming… #BoyAloneDeluxe
Omah Lay x Ozuna - soso (Official Lyric Video)
Omah Lay - safe haven (Official Music Video)
12/04/23 �
Show me a little attention �
Until we meet again �
�� �
Take a look at me �
New look?
Who wants to come on stage? �
Safe Haven
i like u
track 11 - boy alone - soso
Omah Lay - soso (Behind the Scenes - Extended)
Soso official video out now on YouTube…
Omah Lay - soso (Official Music Video)
LA with 6lack �
Bella Shmurda ⚔️ Omah Lay OUT NOW!
Omah Lay - i'm a mess (stripped) [Official Audio]
bend you
bend you
bend you
i'm a mess BTS
i'm a mess
Barclays Center w/ Justin Bieber
Beautiful women anthem �
Omah Lay - Take It On (Official Sprite Limelight Music Film)
Omah Lay - i'm a mess (BTS)
Omah Lay - I'm A Mess (Live Session) | Vevo Ctrl
Omah Lay - Woman (Live Session) | Vevo Ctrl
Omah Lay - i'm a mess (Official Music Video)
Omah Lay - bend you (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - purple song (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - i (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - temptations (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - never forget (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - safe haven (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - recognize (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - soso (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - i'm a mess (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - tell everybody (feat. Tay Iwar) (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - how to luv (Official Audio)
B O Y A L O N E - The Tracklist… #July15
‘Boy Alone’ the album out July 15… Thank you for being patient with me �
Omah Lay with Justin Bieber - "Attention (Disclosure Remix)" Official Lyric Video
Omah Lay - woman (Official Music Video)
New music on Friday � #BoyAlone
This brother legit speared me �, I’m fine, thanks for asking.
Omah Lay & Justin Bieber - Attention (Official Music Video)
I’m sure you must have heard… New music this Friday �… Omah Lay x Justin Bieber �
The Purple Tour: Flashback - Episode 3
Things that I do FOR YOU… � �
The Purple Tour: Flashback - Episode 2
Hahaha pulled up to the Fireboy concert like…
The Purple Tour: Flashback - Episode 1
The Purple Tour: Flashback (Trailer)
“Look at me, I am the Captain now”
Omah Lay - Free My Mind (Dance Video)
23 January 2022
Port Harcourt!!!!! �
PH was wild last night…
Always Love linking with the big bro Olamide…
Port Harcourt I’m getting ready… ��‍♂️
They wouldn’t leave until I let ‘em perform so I let ‘em �
All Love Rwanda �
New music ‘Free my mind’ out now!!! �
Omah Lay - Free My Mind (Official Lyric Video)
11 November 2021
With Love from Nairobi �
Proud to be part of the Youtube Black Voices Funds class of 2022. Thank you @youtubemusic �
Omah Lay - Understand (AMÉMÉ Remix) [Official Audio]
Omah Lay - Understand (BTS)
Omah Lay - Understand (Official Music Video)
Omah Lay - Understand (Official Lyric Video)
Omah Lay - Can't Relate [Official Animated Video]
Omah Lay - Godly [Official Music Video]
Omah Lay - My Bebe (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - Can't Relate (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - Confession (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - Godly (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - Damn (feat. 6lack) (Official Lyric Video)
Omah Lay - Damn [Cricket Remix] (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - Damn (Official Behind the Scenes)
Omah Lay - Damn [Official Music Video]
Omah Lay - Lo Lo (Official Video)
Omah Lay - Lo Lo (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - Damn (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - Ye Ye Ye (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - Bad Influence (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - You (Official Audio)
Omah Lay - Ye Ye Ye (Vibez Video)
Omah Lay - Untitled 2 (You Alternate Cut)
Omah Lay - Untitled 1 (You Alternate Cut)
Omah Lay - You (Official Video)
Omah Lay - You
Omah Lay - Bad Influence (Official Lyric Video)
Omah Lay - Bad Influence (Lyrics Video)
Omah Lay - Hello Brother (Official Lyric video)
Omah Lay - #DoNotDisturb
Omah Lay Live Stream
NGPort Harcourt, Nigeria
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