Octopizzo is an acclaimed hip-hop artist and philanthropist  with several national and international awards to his name.

His 2 hallmark albums “Jungle Fever” & “FUGEO” have both been Grammy considered. 

While his first love is music, he has a passion for philanthropy and has been involved in numerous humanitarian engagements, most notably with UNHCR through the "Artists for Refugees" and "Refugeenius"projects, which involve refugee and Kenyan youth in building their talents through music and the arts. 

A Social Impact strategy holder from University of Pennsylvania and currently alumni of Leadership, Organizing and Action at Havard Kennedy University. He has been hosted by TEDX where his Refugeenius program was showcased. Dynamism, energy and passion are his hallmarks and they inform the creativity with which he creates his music which centers on success and believing in oneself. He uses his influence and craft to advocate for development and socio-economic equality for the less privileged.

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