Obrafour (born Michael Kwabena Okyere Darko) is a rapper from Ghana.

He released his debut album 'Pae Mu Ka' in 1999 as he embarked on a sightless voyage into self discovery. Having just come into youth, and freshly grappling with the tragic passing of his mother, a distraught Obrafour stumbled unto music.

The outcome of that trip would become central to the identity of the hip life (an embryonic art form at the time) and a ready reference for its sound and message. Entirely produced by Edward Nana Poku Osei (Da’Hammer of the Last Two Music Group), with whom he would start a lifelong creative partnership, the 10-track album unveiled Obrafour’s undiscovered genius, and went on to become a nation’s soundtrack.

A daring and visionary album replete with riveting language, charming wit, pragmatic spiels, and tuneful hip hop pulses, Pae Mu Ka (which translates from Obrafour’s native Twi as “say it as it is”) catered to multiple prongs of the Ghanaian social spectrum: history, custom, motherhood, hustle, love, and social behaviour.

Obrafour’s choice of stage name was indicative of his intentions coming into the hiplife mix: he was the “executioner” tasked with sanitising the landscape. Two decades on, he remains among the country’s most trusted commentators.

A native of Kwahu (E/R), Obrafour was always in close proximity with song. He was a precocious chap with an ear for melody; echoing his mother’s singing, harmonising to worship hymns both at church and at home. He carried on with it as Abetifi Presby High School, where he even formed singing group.

Obrafour started penning his own rhymes before engaging in neighbourhood freestyle sessions. A trio consisting of himself, Asante, and his cousin Impulse was soon formed, but broke up soon after. Obrafour later formed another group together with comrades Ashes and Shaggy. Together, they would continue honing their rap skills and solidifying their underground reputation.

Obrafour’s natural charisma, versatile style, markedly unique flow, instantly familiar and sentimental melodies, as well as poetic wizardry over rich Twi courted fondness across generations. With 'Pae Mu Ka', he become the bridge between a high life-loving older demography and a younger one engrossed in urban craze.


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Twe Mame Feat Lousika Prod By Da' Hammer
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Kwame Nkrumah
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Pimpinaa(feat Bisa Kdei)


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