Nonini (born Hubert Nakitare) is a Kenyan hip hop recording artist, entertainer and businessman.

As of 2018, he was signed to Homeboyz Productions. His debut single 'Nonini ni Nani?' earned him a spot in the music scene. His album 'Mwisho Ya Mawazo' ( 2007) featured musicians such as Nyota Ndogo, Mercy Myra, Professor Jay and Q-Chief. He is the founder of P-Unit, a music outfit comprising rappers Bonnie, Frasha and Gabu. In 2009 he was named International Lifestyle Ambassador by the Limkokwing University in Malaysia.

Nonini also runs a video production company named Pro Habo.


We just bagged this one at the Pulse Video Music Awards �� with my boy Mtemi for #KeroroRemix
Humbled to be nominated for International Reggae and World Music Awards - IRAWMA
Mcsk can't account for 54 Million they declared 111M out of 164M. YouTube sends money to MCSK 6M�
Artists being grossly accused in Kenya
CEO of @google Ireland @youtube and any international Collection Management Organisation
Royalties Heist - Music Copyright Society of Kenya pays Artist 7% instead of 70% of collections.
Royalties Heist - Music Copyright Society of Kenya pays Artist 7% instead of 70% of collections.
The best and trusted Real Estate Company in Kenya and Diaspora Kigachu Limited �����
The best and trusted Real Estate Company in Kenya and Diaspora Kigachu Limited �����
Nonini Mgenge2ru - Self-made talks about Real Estate | Assets Over Liabilities Kigachu Limited
Ujumbe wako Nyota Ndogo umenifikia! Asante kwa Support! Our last song pamoja tulitoa 2005 #Mgenge2ru
It's always Mad Exciting! #Valentines Day will never be the same! #Mgenge2ru ������
New Music dropping tomorrow! Probably the best production I have done this far! ��������
Wamejipin fiti! Check out #Mukuchu now playing on YOUTUBE na kila Mahali ��� ��������� #Mgenge2ru
Kuna vijana wanapiga shugli vile inafaa �� Niko proud sana kama #Mgenge2ru and fully in support � ��
Press Conference - Kenyan Artists call out MCSK & Defend Nonini from Ezekiel Mutua #UsaniiUheshimike
Nonini Mgenge2ru - History Makers with Charles Otieno on KTN News Channel Pt 2
Nonini Mgenge2ru - History Makers with Charles Otieno on KTN News Channel Pt 1
Shosh amesema jina ni Mgenge ule 2ru! Niendele Kuchoma mpaka wa T ������� @dygla_promotions
Jayz -Keep showing up until they call you chairman,Til they call you a genius,Til they call you GOAT
It's about that Time!
OG @killermike it's never too late! �����
Something about Pink and Purple! Ladies #Mgenge2ru sliders now available to ship huku YUES ���
February 14th � � ��������
#Mgenge2ru the Inspiration behind ����Around you, there are forces at work in your life working +-
Arnold Lakita Designed the #Mgenge2ru Logo from an idea I had during COVID & boom Apparel was born
Nonini Mgenge2ru - Drops Alpha on Entrepreneurship Wins & Challenges M21 �����
Nimepata Achari (Dried Sweet Mangoes) Straight from Mombasa �� noma Sana. $10 Huku YUES �
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Kuna ma clients wangu flani hivi hata hawajaligi mambo ya bei. Kama ni ya Mkenya wako nayo nayo! �
Nonini - Ndondoo chapati pale standard group. Kibandaski ������
Nilipenda hii gumzo na @loulou_hassan she is very smart and composed #Mgenge2ru ����
Nonini & Redsan - Nominated for the 41st International Reggae And World Music Awards (IRAWMA) ���
Kenya �� has no Hall of Fame but I got to Sign the 1st ever Plank of Fame by Tedd Josiah! 2
Kenya �� has no Hall of Fame but I got to Sign the 1st ever Plank of Fame by Tedd Josiah! 1
Nonini - Mgenge2ru Clears the Air on IKO NINi Podcast with MWAFREEKA! Part 1
Had the best time in Kenya ��! Massive shout out to my whole team. #Mgenge2ru I'm OUT ����
Nairobi �� last show simply EPIC! #Mgenge2ru am OUT! Exit Kenya - Entry Huko YUES!
Ginger Gardens Nanyuki - Nonini Mgenge2ru Partnership with Kigachu Limited.
� Scorpion Camacho Cross bag in a.k.a King'auwi ��������DM for your orders! by Tedd Josiah
Charles Otieno CEO pale KTN Riba moja ajab! #Mgenge2ru ����� @mgenge2rubrand @jokajokluxuryleather
Have some NEW MUSIC dropping February and it's GENGE LOVE season! ������� #Mgenge2ru
My 1st interview when I landed in the 254 �� @ikonini Podcast and it was ��� #Mgenge2ru
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African Brand Collaborations Joka Jok X Mgenge2ru special edition Camacho cross body bag! ����
Nonini Mgenge2ru - Kadhaa and Genge Live on Citizen TV #Mgenge2ru
Nonini Mgenge2ru - Exclusive interview with LuLu Hassan on Citizen TV! �� ���
Today morning Citizen TV interview with the lovely Lulu Hassan on the biggest breakfast show in ���
Saturday Black Samurai Lounge going back to back with Frasha all the hits you grew up to! Kwaheri
We had a moment to speak on camera about Brands and Brands building in Africa with @teddjosiah
Kwaheri Night ya Mgenge2ru will be this Saturday Exclusively at @blacksamurailounge
Nonini Mgenge2ru - Exclusive Interview on Trace Radio AFrequencies: #Mgenge2ru95.3 Nairobi91.8
Kigachu Limited and Mgenge2ru Partnership ���
Nonini visited Kigachu Offices! Number 1 land investments company in ������
Luku ni motto! � Luku ni Safi! @bgatu ����@mgenge2rubrand
Beautiful Homes!
Lets make one thing clear! IKO nini? @mwafreeka NOW ⏯️ ▶️ Playing on YOUTUBE ������
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Hustlers last forever. Whether the money coming fast or slow, we know how to adjust. #Mgenge2ru ���
Nonini performance in Nairobi 1824! �
Nonini Mgenge2ru - Jump of Festival MTWAPA was a ������
#Mgenge2ru collabos with top Kenyan Content Creators #BonkeWest and #LuckyKankidi #Mombasa Tour 1 ��
#Mgenge2ru Sliders a.k.a Sendo now available in Mombasa ��� make order via WhatsApp 0729427852�� ⛱️
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nibebe x flashing lights
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Good Vibes has something Exclusive to share! Happy Holidays �������� #Mgenge2ru #HTB �
Arrivals JKIA in the eyes of Bonke West ���
Kenya is beautiful and Kigachu Limited delivers on land deals for �� in Diaspora ���
The wait is over! Mgenge2ru in Kenya �� ratiba imetoka 28th - 31st Jump Off Festival and 1st January
Nonini Brand - Mgenge2ru Apparel goes international in USA Stores! �������
Nyota Ndogo Baby Shower! Friends pull up for each other! ��
Lebron James - Oh Shieet! He is in that mode! In-season Finals ���
Discipline determines your Destiny not your Desire! Soma tena � #Mgenge2ru ��������
KaNairo we are coming in ���! About to announce my 1st show in Kenya after 3 years����
LeBron James - Went from greatness - from legendary to pure INSANITY! Lakers in-season Finals �
In this life ni better kua kua na circle ndogo ya Loyal friends you can count on anytime! #Mgenge2ru
LeBron James went off tonight! 39 year old �����
Thank you my YouTube family from Nonini Mgenge2ru ����
Nonini Keroro Remix - Produced by Kevin Ondiko! Giving opportunity to Next Generation ���
Nonini - Where the name Keroro came Kereru a.k.a wood pigeon #NoPigeons #Nonini #Mgenge2ru ��
Happy Thanksgiving #Mgenge2ru ����
Nonini - Mgenge2ru introduces Custom slider's to the Mgenge2ru Apparel collection �
Good vibes unipima Sana na hii ma Spanish yake � Sheng namgonga nayo Mbaya! #Mgenge2ru #Goovibes ���
Anaitwa Wakili - Mr F around and Find out! � #Mgenge2ru ����
Kukachora ilibidi nimeota ndoto tu Soo! Nakukwamwa nayo Ka kingeta kwa koo! � KaNairo incoming �
Furahiday - Dj Nidjo in Mombasa #Mgenge2ru
We coming in � Travel will never be the same! It's time to visit the 254 kama nimepiga hizi ����
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Dame @damianlillard went Apeshit on this one � Rappers + Ballers
Silky Chicken is exotic & irony is its blackskin, blackmeat & black bones with white feathers. �
Fall is Falling ���
Keroro Remix - DJ Skills Challenge (DJ Rique vs DJ Bluee 254) ���
Nonini - Mgenge2ru Apparel inaweka vijana Mboka hapo Kenya!
#TBT this was my 1st Video with Hussein Njoroge of KERORO Remix Video ���� ���� ����� - �����
Sometimes miracles are just good people with kind hearts. Eve Desouza,Muthoni Bwika! Legends �
People will never know how far a little kindness can go @jimmigathu you are the biggest LEGEND in KE
The government must compel those who sold the cement factory land to compensate Kenyans affected �
Watching this CTA like a movie! The Legend Jimmi Gathu God Bless you ���
Skiza stop everything you are doing right now and just type Jimmi Gathu CTA on YOUTUBE �
Meet me on the court I'm trouble Last week f**ked around got a triple-double!Today Was A Good Day!
Every now &then I still find time to kick it with the boys at court #GoodVibes with me #410 �������
Nothing coincidental about your Life! We don't hate over here we support each other over here!
Keroro Remix - Nonini ft Mtemi (ABC � Lyrics)
The OG of OGs anaitwa Dream maker @jimmigathu about to go LIVE on #CTA #CleaningTheAirwaves
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Breeder is ��� Big up Kamanda!
Dj Rique Wayne 1st person 2rock this yellow in the whole world even before the owner! � 0729427852
Nonini - Mgenge2ru in Compound Studio's 410 on my 41st Birthday Grinding �����
Nonini - We recorded a ��� song on my 41st Birthday #mgenge2ru
Nonini - Mgenge2ru celebrates 4 decades plus Uno in the lab! ���
Today of all the days I had to come do what I Love doing! On my Born day doing what I was Born to do
When your Son Good Vibes pulls up on your birthday � #Keroro Sherehe Sheria ����
Mwana FA speaks to Mgenge2ru about changing copyright Bill in TZ for artist's ������
Mwana FA - MP and Minister of Sports and Culture TZ. Lengo la Rais ni....�����
Mfalme wa Ilala -Living Legend ChidiBenz
Kadhaa Remix he murdered that track!
We never switch up LOYALTY mpaka mwisho! Ki @50cent na @eminem
Chaguo Langu ya ChidiBenz was a classic ���
ChidiBenz never wears make up! �
Mwana FA - How he got appointed to the Ministry of Sports & Culture ������
ChidiBenz - Story ya Kadhaa Remix na Chaguo Langu! Loyalty is �️ with Men (Nonini Mgenge2ru)
Nonini - Mgenge2ru with MwanaFA (Rapper, MP & Deputy Minister Sports & Culture) TZ #StoryZaJabba
Kuzaliwa California some habits die hard! Unajitengezea Mpambe huku uliko #Uswahilini #Mgenge2ru
Keroro Remix - DJ Skills Challenge (DJ ColeJax vs DJ Insta 254) ���
Boys weekend out! #GoodVibes @franconyona #Mgenge2ru �
Nonini - Mgenge2ru & Son #GoodVibes vibing to Keroro Remix ������
And the Party Don't Stop! Kila ukicheki kila MTU full � Cup!Mpaka ma Dame!Huyu ni Tank! #Ground ��
And just when you think it can't get better @deejay_insta254 Just comes out of nowhere like KABOOM �
@50cent autographed Merch ��� value goes up. ����Monetize kila Kitu mpaka kata K*ndu #Mgenge2ru
Nonini Mgenge2ru - Story za Jabba with former KDF soldier and Arif wa mtaani ����
Vitu kwa Ground ndio ina matter! @tamashaeldoret Matata! LIVE from Eldoret!!!#KeroroRemix �������
50cent Final Lap Tour ��� #410
Kuna mtu amesema HOLD my � Beer! @djbraykenya � #KeroroRemixDJSkillsChallenge
Nakubali Sana vile ma DJ wamejitolea Roho moja on this #KeroroRemixDJSkillsChallenge Asanteni
@50cent went deep into the Catalogue! He dropped Many Men �#FinalLapTour 410 #Mgenge2ru Huku YUES
Relatable story za mtaani when Umoja meets Calif. #StoryzaJabaa
Kabla simu na mtandao #StoryZaJabba ���
�� �� huku YUES! Tulifurahia sana with my brother's from TZ Mweshimiwa MwanaFA na Roma Mkatoliki
Checked into the Final Lap tour of @50cent in the 410 with bro from Tanzania �� �� Mwesh @mwanafa
Keroro Remix - Dj Skills Challenge ft DJ Zaq, DJ IK and DJ Rudeboy254!!!
Keroro Remix - DJ Challenge (Diaspora DJs are flexing Biggly) ���
Sheeii a.k.a Chairman #StoryZaJabba
Story za Jabba na @adrian.paul.chege shukran sana kupitia DMV ���Luku @mgenge2rubrand
Umoja meets California! Maboyz wa mtaani wakikutana huku YUES #StoryZaJabba
Uki link up na Wasee wa mtaani Huku YUES best believe #StoryZaJabba
#KeroroRemixDJChallenge follow @deejaymjaykenya on IG for more lessons. ��� #Mgenge2ru
#KeroroRemixDJChallange ju��@djskratch1 just told me hold my � Beer! Weuh it's on!Whose next? �����
Nonini Story Za Jabba- Racecourse Primary na Chuo za Eastlando! 8-4-4 messed us up...
Don't you just love my KENYANs ������ #KeroroRemix Now playing Everywhere! ����� @djfreddie_max
Nonini back to school with his Son #GoodVibes full episode on #StoryZaJabba
@mtemi_afrika you are destined for greatness! Let's start the week na #StoryZaJabba
#StoryZaJabba get the hoodie 0729427852 what's app only
Weekend imekua poa sana! #MzukaFull lakini let me appreciate my people who show love personally
Story za Jabba moja Ajab! Coming up mtafurahia #Mgenge2ru ��������
Fetty Wap - Trap Queen some next level consistency! �
Generation Z ni Wa Zii! Weka Tag hapo TIK TOK #Mgenge2ru #KeroroRemix ������ @mtemi_afrika
Furahiday kabla nitoke lazima nimeVaa Jo! #Mgenge2ru things you do for yourself every weekend.
Nonini - Samples World's 1st Botanical Bourbon #Roxor with founder Don Short #KeroroRemix
Ile kibishi Tunaishi Nao #KingKong
Jay Z - Ultimate Confidence #Mgenge2ru its an ATTITUDE! �
One of the few gospel Musicians I respect! Generali mwenyewe @hopekidhk ������
Mtu wangu msafi ������� �
We are on nothing but the best Botanical Bourbon in the �� huku YUES @roxorspirits #KeroroRemix ���
When you collaborate with a musician who understands the assignment u end up getting a timeless Song
The Baddest Club In Eldoret inaitwa #TheLegendLounge with pics of some Legends of ��� on the wall!
Ai Auto Face tracking Tripod! Tunacheza na Gadgets Tu #Mgenge2ru #KeroroRemix now playing � ������
Mambo ni 3:1. Furahiday Step out looking Fresh!2. Luku ni #Mgenge2ru!3. Speaker ni #KeroroRemix �
2001: Kid was 19 years and he loved wearing caps ⏩Year 2023 the kid is 40 owns his brand �����
The only language understood by the whole Universe! Sherehe ni Sheria � Gustavo it's Furahiday �����
Thank you to all my Video Directors for being patient with me kinda like co-directing my own Videos
Nonini - Stories we go through shooting classic Music Videos #KeroroRemix #Mgenge2ru #StoryZaJabba
Official Sherehe Anthem- Keroro Remix!!! Homecoming Party Loading. Best Venues in Kenya ? #Mgenge2ru
Africas Number 1 MC/Rapper rocking that #Mgenge2ru Brand. #ItsAnAttitude �����
Keroro Remix � Acapella and Instrumental now available on Tik Tok Sounds catalogue! �����
Mbele ukiangalia iko Sawa! No matter what Mungu wetu halali nasitafadhali #Mgenge2ru #KeroroRemiX
Keroro Remix � is now officially sound on Tik Tok, Cheza na Shorts and Reels! Get creative�����
Official Sherehe Anthem! I think it's time I visited Kenya t Homecoming Party Tour? #KeroroRemix
I just want to take this opportunity to thank all my Kenya Airways connects my Merch is in YUES
� Always loved good chord progressions in my track's. #GENGE greatness��������#KeroroRemix
When you have a King! Don't reshuffle the deck and end up with a Joker!
No Amapiano! No Melodies! Strictly a killer beat and dope lines! Hip Hop sio guitar ni DJ yes yes��
Nonini - Exclusive tour of the foot of Niagara Falls �� from a cruise�� ����� #KeroroRemix
Some experiences can't be told you just need to see! Amazing Niagara Falls �� �
This is what smart phone cameras were meant to do! #NiagaraFalls Canada �������
interesting from Burna Boy
Mgenge2ru Brand is always moving! Our model Lucky is �
The Amazing Niagara Falls �� Side #mgenge2ru ����
Ground imesema Ndio! #KeroroRemix �� Anytime you hear the song record a Video & DM me! #Wagenge2ru
No time 2get bored in such a beautiful world of wonders &Music! Niagara Falls �� #Keroro #Mgenge2ru
The beautiful thing is, music can be like a time machine. One song- the lyrics, the melody, the mood
Niagara Falls �� by Night �
Tembea Dunia! Dunia ikuzoe! #NiagaraFalls �� #KeroroRemix Now playing on YOUTUBE ����
1st Time #Mgenge2ru in Canada ����
Road Trip �� #Canada
Something about hio Blue � ama ni Mimi? � @luckykankindi Kali Sana ��� #Mgenge2ru
#KeroroRemix - Mtemi is just world class with the melodies and Witty line's �������
Keroro Remix Music Video directed by Willie Owusu in �� and Hussein Njoroge in the ��
Sasa huyu ni Nani? Ati Sauti ya Ground..�����
How it started Vs How it's going ���� #KeroroRemix
One thing about @thesuegacambi you got to admire! She is funny AF ��& #Ruthless Social Enterprenuer
Earlier today #Mtemi on Trace Radio with Calvin! #KeroroRemix ���
Mtemi Africa - Keroro Remix Media Tour ��������
When your Video Directors Understand the Assignment! You make a straight up Movie �� #Cinemaree
A very short story of How it Started! Vs How it's Going! Mtemi Don #OneDayRiddim #KeroroRemix �����
Hakuna kitu Poa kama ngoma kuingia ground Organically hakuna ku force issues! #KeroroRemix
Furahidays and Weekends will never be the same! Sherehe ni ALUTA #KeroroRemix #MediaTour ������
Mr Good Vibes and a Telephone booth �
The one and only @djslim254ke introducing that #KeroroRemix tena kwa mipigo �������
When your Djs favourite DJ does this? Best believe we are gonna have a December! #Mgenge2ru #Mfalme
Due to public demand the whole podcast series ya Story Za Jabba or Not? #Mgenge2ru its an Attitude!
Nonini - Music Industry Mentorship ALPHA! #Mgenge2ru
Don't sit back and let things happen to you. Go out and happen to things. (Soma Tena). �����
Djs have always been a vital part of our Music Industry from breaking songs on radio na clubs
Keroro Remix � #GengeGrammys Go HARD or Go HOME!!!!
Humility and ability to be Confident & yet humble and willing to listen is what makes it easy!
GENGE Fuegoo! Keroro Remix �������
Nonini X Mtemi -Keroro Remix � Now playing on YouTube!!!
Keroro Remix - Nonini ft Mtemi (Official Video) �����
We go live at Exactly 12:30 pm �� Time! Ni #Furahiday!!!!
Ai Face Recognition Phone Mount with 360° rotation and you can mount #StoryZaJabba Upgrade
it's on ���� Furahiday!
True definition of F**k around and Find out! � #Mgenge2ru
One thing I have always valued is having Epic Visuals 2accompany a good song (I Don't Compromise)��
11-8-23 #Furahiday #Mgenge2ru ������
Know your worth. People always act like they’re doing more for you than you’re doing for them.��
The Story of Labda Siniwageni Mtusaba and the Remixes
#StoryZaJabba growing up in Eastlands was dangerous but madd Fun � #Mgenge2ru
Tukimalizia hii story ya Labda Siniwageni Mtusaba! Verse ya Jua was Epic alifunga vizuri Sana �
New music? Mark the calendars! Furahiday August 11th! Year of the Jordan 23. ������
When was the last time you Heard a DJ drop Nipe Asali by Juacali! @DJJoeMfalme ni ����
Mix moja ajab ya DJ Joe Mfalme hapa YouTube!
YouTube Link on my stories: #NomaSana �
Fun Fact Mama Mgenge2ru turns 74 on Tuesday 8/8/2023 Mola azidi kukubariki na kukulinda zaidi �
Labda -Siniwageni - MTusaba! #Story za Jabba ��1
Labda -Siniwageni - MTusaba! #Story za Jabba ��
#Mgenge2ru it's an AttitudeLabda Siniwageni MTusaba Abu Swafiyah Ghalib ���
Labda Bibi yake iligawa kwa dereva na makanga wa number 4! #StoryZaJabba
Always remember Epic things start with small Humble Steps! @juacaligenge #CaliCast NOMA!!!
Always remember Epic things start with small Humble Steps! @juacaligenge #CaliCast NOMA!!!
Story za Jabba! Labda Siniwageni MTusaba! #Mgenge2ru ��� @mahatmee part 4
Story za Jabba! Labda Siniwageni MTusaba! #Mgenge2ru ��� @mahatmee part 3
Story za Jabba! Labda Siniwageni MTusaba! #Mgenge2ru ��� @mahatmee part 2
Story za Jabba! Labda Siniwageni MTusaba! #Mgenge2ru ��� @mahatmee
The Charisma that #GoodVibes has is just out of this World! Teach them � Early!!! ���
Nonini - Philly Park Event teaching Good Vibes the Hustle! �������
#Mgenge2ru it's an Attitude ��� #GoodVibes
We Outside! PHILLY All Kenyan Park get together! ����� Courtesy of my brother @alekiboom ���
Watching Cali Cast @juacali1 �����
Juacali finally sits down with the Legendary Director Willie Owusu! #GENGE
Nikama Sakumi ya jioni! Kuna kitu inasumbua Rohoni! #NiFurahiday #Mgenge2ru Black on Black ���
Kila kiwanja! Wajanja wantajaja! Invest NYUMBANI @kigachu_limited ASSETS OVER LIABILITIES ��
Walanguzi - Crazy Remix ft Bamzigi, Chiwawa, Abbas and Nonini #TBT
Arthur K - Pushing our Music and Culture has to be intentional #Nonini #Mgenge2ru 4
Arthur K - Pushing our Music and Culture has to be intentional #Nonini #Mgenge2ru 3
Arthur K - Pushing our Music and Culture has to be intentional #Nonini #Mgenge2ru 2
Arthur K - Pushing our Music and Culture has to be intentional #Nonini #Mgenge2ru 1
Arthur K - Pushing our Music and Culture has to be intentional #Nonini #Mgenge2ru
#Mgenge2ru it's an Attitude! ���� @kellykellz254
Nonini - Arthur K director of The Beat, The Stomp & MTV Mamaz 4
Nonini - Arthur K director of The Beat,The Stomp & MTV Mamaz 3
Nonini - Arthur K director of The Beat,The Stomp & MTV Mamaz 2
Nonini - Arthur K director of The Beat,The Stomp & MTV Mamaz 1
Tunaanza Monday na #KeroroSmamaChallenge � #Mgenge2ru it's an Attitude!
Packaging is everything! Tuko na Customized gift packs noma sana for every occasion! #Mgenge2ru
No Truer Truth has ever been TRUTHED! � #Mgenge2ru
No Truer Truth has ever been TRUTHED! � #Mgenge2ru
Confidence is not that I'm better than them! Confidence is I'm GREAT and so are THEY! #Mgenge2ru
Mr Blue - Byser na Mwaga noti kama mtoto wa ufisadi ��
Mr Blue - Byser PESA
Tune in to Cali Cast Podcast by @juacali1 #Priceless Genge History! Noma Sana ����
Integrity is the most valuable and respected quality of a Brand. Always keep your word. #Mgenge2ru
Things that make you PROUD to be ������! @faithkipyegon your are GOATed! ����
That outfit though @luckykankindi ��� #Sanitize � #ItsAnAttitude
#Mgenge2ru its an Attitude anyone can Own! ��
Azeezah Media Messiah from NRG! Golden Voice ���
I think it's about that TIME ya kuchafua RADAR! @live_and_inspire_photography you ready bro ������
Hata na MaMiondoko inaweza mbaya! @luckykankindi @mgenge2rubrand its an Attitude! #KaRieggea�
Ed brings out Eminem ����
What an Honor! What a way to show just how Music Impacts life! #Surreal ���� #Jigga
Good vibes karibu achome! Kwanini Kwanini? #Mgenge2ru New Music dropping this week � #Genge �������
Nonini - Kadhaa was a special Celebratory Song ���
Hapa ndio Kuna the REAL SYMBA �@therealsymba are you listening � Kali sana #LALeakers #Mgenge2ru �
Lete Kinare nikusetie Kifwaka! @lilmainaa LoVE Kenyan Music ����� � @luckykankindi
I Love this Golden Advice from the Legendary Rick Rubin! Artists listen na msikue na pressure!
I think it's about that TIME ya kuchafua RADAR! @live_and_inspire_photography you ready bro ������
I think it's about that TIME ya kuchafua RADAR! @live_and_inspire_photography you ready bro ������
Nonini- Good vibes flexing Doomsday by Juice WRLD ��
Mungu wetu halali! Akisema iwe inakua Hajali!
Nonini - Mgenge2ru Brand Explained #ItsAnAttitude
#Mgenge2ru always grateful for everyone who supports my brand and wears them proudly!
Class is in session! What is Brand? What is M21 #Mgenge2ru
Mic Test na #GoodVibes #Mgenge2ru #GadgetJunkies ����
Nonini- Gadget Junkie (Learn to work smart than hard)!
Crazy live Audience mix by @djfesta254 #TopTierGalore
The more things change the more they remain the same! Kitu Sewer-Wanasiasa�����������
Dedication to all independent thinkers. It's tough for us out here but we still make it #Mgenge2ru �
All the people who question themselves when you take a different path & people think you are crazy
Nonini - This one is a dedication 2all the people who think differently! #Mgenge2ru #StoryZaJaba ��
Andrew Kibe Plugs Nonini Mgenge2ru Brand ���
Unachoma Buda Jua Cali ��� #Genge
Nonini - Mgenge2ru never compromize quality 3
Nonini - Mgenge2ru never compromize quality 2
Nonini - Mgenge2ru never compromize quality 1
Napendaga hako Ka feeling ka kuchoka? #Mboka Thank you my people in Baltimore. ��� maximum RESPECT
Kenyan �� get together in Baltimore, Maryland. @kigachu_limited was one of the proud sponsors
Kenyan �� get together in Baltimore, Maryland. @kigachu_limited #InvestNyumbani
Another USP let me introduce you to the subconscious #Mgenge2ru ����
A unique selling point (USP) also called a unique selling proposition #Mgenge2ru #GENGE 4
Kesho tuko Kwa Park with @kigachu_limited will be LIVE in Baltimore,DMV.
A unique selling point (USP) also called a unique selling proposition #Mgenge2ru #GENGE 3
A unique selling point (USP) also called a unique selling proposition #Mgenge2ru #GENGE 2
A unique selling point (USP) also called a unique selling proposition #Mgenge2ru #GENGE 1
Look for mentorship from people who inspire you then build from that! #Mgenge2ru i #GENGE ������ 3
Look for mentorship from people who inspire you then build from that! #Mgenge2ru i #GENGE ������ 2
Look for mentorship from people who inspire you then build from that! #Mgenge2ru i #GENGE ������ 1
Kuna time Lingala was Kenyan Music. � #GENGE #StoryYaJaba #Mgenge2ru #Mentorship 3
Kuna time Lingala was Kenyan Music. � #GENGE #StoryYaJaba #Mgenge2ru #Mentorship 2
Kuna time Lingala was Kenyan Music. � #GENGE #StoryYaJaba #Mgenge2ru #Mentorship 1
Nonini-Life is a journey #StoryZaJaba PT 1 #Mgenge2ru #Mentorship101
Nonini-Life is a journey #StoryZaJaba PT 1 #Mgenge2ru #Mentorship101
4th July Manenoz #Mgenge2ru
Unsung Music Industry Leaders always Appreciated! Happy Birthday Mo..
Grimace Shake McDonalds - Good vibes gave it a try #shorts #grimaceshake #grimace #Mcdonalds #shorts
Nonini - Mgenge2ru Brand
Nonini - Good Vibes Buckle my Shoes ���
When your best friend has Vibes on Vibes! You just have to follow. Usiangushe Bradhe #Mgenge2ru ��
Nonini - #Mgenge2ru brand is a movement! Thank you Nick Kwach... �
Sauti ni ya ground ���� @sabato_sabatooOrder @mgenge2rubrand what's app 0729427852
When you have wit of your own, it's a pleasure to credit other people for theirs it's an Attitude! �
Nonini - 1st Car was a Harley #StoryZaMgenge2ru ���
Karibu Nairobi nikupeleke Dunda! Zile maRaundi Mwenda! Tukatike ma Odi! GENGE zikirunda � �����
This weekend Niko Fully Loaded ��� #Mgenge2ru @tazrodgers @wakadinali @scar_mkadinali #NiFurahiday
Streets is on fire with #Mgenge2ru & Dj Arika Video mix and Available on my YouTube������
Nonini - Sanitize!!! � #Mgenge2ru it's an Attitude anyone can own! ����
Nonini - Why number 23 is special 2023 year of the Jordan. (Read Description)
Story za #Mgenge2ru za Jaba or not? KERORO PT2..By the time nimalize hii story mtafurahia mbaya �
Story za #Mgenge2ru za Jaba or not? KERORO PT2...Hatuangalii Maslahi ya Jamii � hio line..
Story za #Mgenge2ru za Jaba or not? KERORO PT2...Hatuangalii Maslahi ya Jamii �
Hapa ndio mtu usema tu Say Less! #Mgenge2ru �
Story za #Mgenge2ru za Jaba or not? KERORO PT 1 � By the time nimalize hii story mtafurahia
Story za #Mgenge2ru za Jaba or not? KERORO PT 1.ScratchaHolics the best DJ outfit to come from ��
Story za #Mgenge2ru za Jaba or not? I have a huge gift for my Kenyan �� People! After this Story ��
Story za #Mgenge2ru za Jaba or not? � By the time nimalize hii story mtafurahi
Hottest Influencer in the 254 �� rocking that #Mgenge2ru ����� @luckykankindi
Easiest way2 shop for them is not to. Achague kile anataka! #Mgenge2ru #GoodVibes it's an Attitude �
Weekend Starter Pack #Kuchoma Nyama ndio kitu ya Kwanza! #NiFurahiday #Mgenge2ru �
We COOKING! #Mgenge2ru ������ #GENGE @live_and_inspire_photography
GENGE! Tuko na Wewe! Na Tunakufa Nawe! #KilaMmoja #Grammys2024 #Mgenge2ru ������ Part 2
GENGE! Tuko na Wewe! Na Tunakufa Nawe! #KilaMmoja #Grammys2024 #Mgenge2ru ������ Part 1
Sabato - Sauti ya Ground #Mgenge2ru
Always creating! Always building #Mgenge2ru Black & White Hoodie Dress! �� o/what's app 0729427852
It's an Attitude! #Mgenge2ru @sabato_sabatoo Sauti ya Ground ��������
Nonini Video Mix - Best of Nonini by Dvj Arika (2 & Half Hours NonStop) Genge Hits! HD �� �
Nonini x DvJ Arika Promo! Full mix link on Description ����� #GENGE
Nonini - Kigachu Limited (Ginger Gardens Aberdare View Phase 1) Call 0707999180 / 0707006070
Nonini - Kigachu Limited (Ginger Gardens Aberdare View Phase 1) Call 0707999180 / 0707006070
Nonini - Kigachu Limited (Ginger Gardens Aberdare View Phase 1) Call 0707999180 / 0707006070
Nonini- Interesting Sana kuona what kids of today aspire to be in LIFE #GV #YOUTUBER #Mgenge2ru
Work flow with my G @live_and_inspire_photography Kaz juu ya KAZI #Mgenge2ru #Genge ������
Nonini - Father's Day with good Vibes ��
Walietuwacha 2004 I said these lines "Local" nkt kabla hii GENGE haijakubalika kabisa!#Mgenge2ru ���
Nonini- Snap Back #Mgenge2ru order via what's app 0729427852
Amanda Nunes - Retires from UFC Mixed Martial Arts as a double champion 4rever #GOAT ���
Kichwa Tu! #Mgenge2ru #MadarakaFestival����
Nonini - #Mgenge2ru is an Authentic Kenyan Product! Hand made in the 254
Nonini - Summer is Summering! Let the games begin #Mgenge2ru ��
Nonini - When someone says they got your back you don't need to turn around to check! #Mgenge2ru
Nonini - Son #MrGoodVibes � Graduates from Elementary School
Nonini - Listenig to Wakadinali Heshimu, Wazazi Ukinyanya Dunga Raybans�����
Nonini - The best spot in Nairobi, Kenya you must visit! Endless vibes on vibes #BlackSamuraiLounge
Nonini - Furahiday the Untold Story with Musyoka #CTA Cleaning the Airwaves
Nonini - Luxury Camping Caravan Tour by Nyota Ndogo (Nibebe basi) �
Nonini - Just like that we are OLD #GoodVibes graduates this week. #Mgenge2ru #GengePrince ���
Nonini -Behind the sins Sauti Sol in the #DMV #Mgenge2ru ���� #MadarakaFestival
Rick Ross - Money and Material Things ��
Nonini - Wekamu vibes
Mr Good Vibes doing his thing! Thingsthat make me happy #Mgenge2ru ��
It's absolutely critical to differentiate your BRAND from any another! Roxor Botanical Bourbon
Niko na Mix Mbaya ya Road Trips and Houses Parties! Link kwa Bio #Mgenge2ru and @dvjarikaofficial ��
Nonini - BEST OF [MGENGE2RU] 2 HRS NON STOP MIX by DVJ ARIKA (AUDIO) House Parties & Road Trips ���
Get me on the court and I'm trouble! Last week F'd around and got a triple-double! �#Mgenge2ru
Character is built from struggle! #Mgenge2ru it's an Attitude! Order yours what's app 0729427852 ��
Nonini - Tesla Model S! Drive a powerful, fun car. A cool car helps make a cooler planet!
Nonini - Tenda Mema Nenda Zako #LifeTeachings
Nonini - Congratulations Ibra Mavazi Hand Print ��
Nonini - #Mgenge2ru Clean Merchandise packaging! Get yourself some of that drip 0729427852
Story Time #Mgenge2ru Brand Origin: The reason I did all those other Episodes was salute IBRA
#Mgenge2ru brand origin. Story ya Jabaaa izidi kuzidi.Kutoka Wadhii to factory production. PT 2
Story Time #Mgenge2ru brand origin. Story ya Jaba izidi kuzidi! Kutoka Wadhii to factory production.
��� Alafu Kuna Soila hakuna vitu za wanaume za Bure! If you know you know ��� #Mgenge2ru #Wanduli
Nonini - #Mgenge2ru Brand Origin! Ndani ya Lift Nation Center 5 min to sell an � Idea! �� PT2
Nonini - #Mgenge2ru Brand Origin! Ndani ya Lift Nation Center 5 min to sell an � Idea! �� PT1
Nonini-Big up Kama bro wa Politician Simon Mbugua inspired #Mgenge2ru without even knowing it.
Nonini-Kuna kitu Mimi huita passive inspiration where unaweza Inspire watu bila hata kujua -Actions
Nonini Story Time - #Mgenge2ru Brand Origin! The smell of fish gives a different Nostalgia for me �
Nonini Story Time - #Mgenge2ru Brand Origin! Gate Ya Orange angalia tu juu ��
Pot Roast Beef Kwenye Courliflower Rice! Ni mbaya �
Nonini Story Time - #Mgenge2ru Brand Origin! Rock Collection 20th Century ground floor #Mgenge2ru �
Nonini - Mgenge2ru Leather Brim Snap Backs NOW AVAILABLE in KENYA!
Nonini Story Time - #Mgenge2ru Brand! Ushawai dunga MbaTi imepiga corner utadhani Mandazi ya Kibanda
Nonini Story Time - #Mgenge2ru Brand Origin! Big up Maboy wote wa graffiti creatives wanachora Ma3
Nonini Story Time - Check out genuine Authentic Kenyan Products #JokaJok #Mgenge2ru
Nonin Story Time - #Mgenge2ru Brand! What inspired it na mbona nakuanga infatuated na mambo ya Merch
Mobile Phone Photography ��� #Mgenge2ru
GAME DAY! Muko Tayari #LAKESHOW ��
Matwana Culture of Nairobi - Legends only #254 #Mgenge2ru
Lebron James - in what Metaverse did GSW think they would win against #TheKing #Lakers
Nick Kwach on that #Mgenge2ru Brand by Nonini �
#Kemsa the day people will be held accountable is the beginning of Change in Kenya
Nonini- Son 11, Every happy memory created for a child is another treasure of a lifetime.
Sauti ni ya ground! Anaitwa @sabato_sabatoo #Mgenge2ru ����
Ati wanakuita WAGIDO! � Hii character Yako ni noma deal na hawa ma mwere vile inafaa #Mgenge2ru @lad
All that Hustle ita pay off mtu wangu Aminia Happy Labour Day #Mgenge2ru #TukoWorks ��
Nonini : Roberts #ManziWaNairobi
Luku imekubali mpaka angani! @designawen #Mgenge2ru ���
Jimmy Butler sends the game to OT and knocks out the Bucks #NBAPlayoffs where amazingly happens! �
Therapy na #GoodVibes #Mgenge2ru �
We LIVE with @calvinwanguku from @traceeasternafrica on my YOUTUBE channel! Kenyan Royalty..scam
Nonini : Speaks to Calvin of Trace East Africa Radio about the mess that is Kenyan CMOs
Happy 4/20 watu wangu wa MKATE! #Mgenge2ru ��
Jay Z - Louis Vuitton Foundation special performance ����
Creatives always creating and never on anyone's schedule but always on time! #Mgenge2ru
Jay Z : Account for your 365 days daily ��
To keep the body in good health is a duty = mind strong and clarity/positive vibes.
Stylerbender: Adesanya (Gaara) #Naruto dope edit..
iFly - Sky Diving with my Son Mr #GoodVibes #BucketList #Mgenge2ru
Nonini : Indoor Sky Diving with his Son #GoodVibes Sometimes let the wind carry you iFLY World ��
Nonini - Indoor Sky Diving with Son #GoodVibes iFly World
Tunataka ingia hapo @ntvjamdown with the Ruffest @ruffestdjmoh na mbogi yake yote
The Kamba Fridge back in the Day. Roots & Culture the name was "KiiNgaa" (Kamba Food Storage)
Nonini - Ripley's Believe it or not we started performing for $10 - $20 sometimes 4a meal or FREE!
Blockchain is here to stay! Decentralized Finance if you know you know. � #Disruption
Jay Z - What you believe in & Pure Intention the rest Universe will figure out!
Slaps different ukiona WaGenge2ru wakielewa mstari - Prince Adio from Coast was � Nikiwa Ndani �
Ai will change the game Copyright Amendments loading all over the World. #Mgenge2ru #VoiceTrademarks
Nonini: Monday �
Nonini: A lot of misinformation & ignorance out here! #CopyrightShallBeRespected #CopyrightLiteracy
Nonini - One Day at a Time Makes sense
Nonini : Copyright fight didn't start 2day. Started 2003 inspired by late Poxy Pressure (WapeReal)
Nonini - Mgenge2ru alongside Kigachu limited "Buy Land they are not making it anymore" �
Death row - inmates in Idaho could face Execution by Firing Squad if no lethal injection available!
King Los - Save yourself anything Else get a Thumb drive. No truer Truth has ever been Truthed! ��
King Los - #410 #LaLeakers Pessi·mis·tic I ain't run in my Opt -i-mism (to miss him) �
King Los : #410 LA Lakers Freestyle ����
Nonini : Stage names make or break a careers #Mgenge2ru Story
Sabu ni wiki mpya let's promote National Cohesion! Skuizi cocktail ya hao watu wote ndio foam.
Shukran sana @mohspiceent gotea sana @ruffestdjmoh @djkamuzeeythemuzikalchef Bless
#Mgenge2ru Story Documentary only on my YouTube shorts! Subscribe and follow
Lioness ORDER! #OnedayRiddim shukran @djnyckenya & everything nice ��� #Mgenge2ru
Wisdom: God and Money ��� #Mgenge2ru
Stories should be told while sipping something! Manzi Wa Nai Verse is a good dedication #WomensDay
Mobb Deep - Shook Ones beat Samples Breakdown produced by Havoc ���
Gunners -Kindly tag a Manchester United Fan & tell them Arsenal is at the top of the table #Mtu7aba
Dj Jazzy Jeff- Legendary on that Shook One's Mobb Deep
Big up to all the Musicians who joined my movement to Honor my brother! I'm humbled Asanteni sana!
Nonini: Story behind the Song 'One Day' that became a Riddim Movement #Mgenge2ru
Nonini - na usiniulize nilikua shule Gani? Shule Gani? Hehehe in the Bengingng! #Mgenge2ru Story
50 Cent loyalty to Eminem & Dr Dre is something very rare in the Music Industry! or Life Period!!!
Nonini : #Mgenge2ru Presents One Day Riddim Marsh Up! New Reggea Video Mix NOW PLAYING! �
Djs who actually listen to song Lyrics and do magic with them are heaven sent! Big up djvickykenya �
Nonini: Not many want you to WIN turn that to a Motivation � #NoniniCTA
Nonini: Manzi Wa Nairobi story never let anyone shatter your dreams #Mgenge2ru #NoniniCTA
Jay Z : Would you rather be a Rap Trend or would you rather be Ralph Lauren #MajorKey
Nonini: Manzi Wa Nairobi Chorus was sampled from a song called (Maneno Matamu) #Mgenge2ru Story
Nonini: #RhymesNaNonini when Eko Dydda shared some prolific advice about MAJOR KEYs
Nonini : Kenyan Mathree had 3 people Dere /Donda na Manager wa counter machine #CTA
Repeat after me.... Frasha ni Mkare? Happy birthday my Niggar #Mgenge2ru ��
Nonini : Very rare footage of Clemo founder of Genge Music in Kenya #Mgenge2ru Story
Nonini - Mgenge2ru & Dj Ricks (One Day Riddim Video Reggea Mix) ft 12 Kenyan Artists ��
Jay Z - Remaining 2ru to self is very inspiring. What's the GOAL ?
Nonini and Son Vibing to High Grade by Khaki Soul #OneDayRiddim
High Grade - Nonini and Jay Vibing to some Khaki Soul (One Day Riddim)
Nonini : Story of Manzi Wa Nairobi on #CTA Part 1
Duex Vultures- Napita Mama Ngina naskia (Nipe Shillingi) � #Monalisa
Argentina Chinchulines ��- Kenya Maraaa ��
Nonini : Furahiday mambo ilicheemka kama KRG � Nameless is one cool dude �
Nonini : Ni Furahiday with Nameless produced by Musyoka #Mgenge2ru Story Pt 1 �
Nonini : Music Literally Changes lives! Shukran sana #Wagenge2ru ���
Scarface - The Legendary and producing his own Exclusive Hip Hop Beats
Genge LOVE - Nonini ft Lady Bee (Anamorphic Version)
Jay Z - Don't go with the Flow be the Flow! #BluePrint from day Uno...�
Sadly hio Aroma ya Vumbi na Mvua hii sector ya US hakuna Jo mtu wangu! Vumbi hanaku #Mgenge2ru
Nonini - Genge Love (HOLD MY BEER �) � #Mgenge2ru ���
Then at some point we done did This! Genge Love ndio una Experience saizi � #Mgenge2ru ����
From #OnedayRiddim @fidla_ke with some crazy Pen �️ game L.O.V.E ��� #Mgenge2ru
Wakadinali - Heshimu wazazi ukinyanya � Dunga � Raybans #RongReggea ��
Nonini - Hunipati!
Finally Empresses on the One Day Riddim : Bintiafrika x LucyLugani ���� Now Playing on YouTube
Binti AfriKa X Lucy Lugano - Order (One Day Riddim)
Super Bowl 2023 Grass - Costed $800,000 #Chiefs2023 #kansascitychiefs
Nonini : Born and Raised in Pumwani Estate a.k.a Carlifornia (Home of Genge) #Mgenge2ru Story
#OneDayRiddim Issa Sizzo vibes with Nonini & Jay Jay
Nonini : Issa Sizzo Ulalala with Jay (One Day Riddim)
Times are changing Fast! Adapt or Die world is moving and everything is Evolving #Mgenge2ru
Nonini : Had hair at some point � remember the GREAT WALL TV #Mgenge2ru Story
Techies are Always Calm �� #Chatgpt
Nonini : You never know who you inspire out here R.I.P Legend Bruce Odhiambo (Safari Sounds) #CTA
Lebron James : All Time Leading Scorer in the NBA! #HISTORYMADE #KidFromAKRON ���
Nonini : Never seen before footage of Nonini's Mum & Sister #Mgenge2ru Story
Ready for another Historical Moment! The @kingjames is about to get another crown � tonight ����
Nonini : Toto to Habo then Nonini #Mgenge2ru Story
Shukran sana Mjeshi @djgazaking ��� #FunTimes #NationFmDrive #PassaPassaTuesday
Nonini : Labda SiniWageni Mtusaba Verse ��
Nonini: Labda Siniwageni Mtusaba (Mahatma) �
Nonini : Black Prophet's Orientalists distorted. Moses/Musa was dark skinned �
Nonini : Dope digital cartoon Artworks. Get one link on the description
Nonini: Childhood Friend TiTo who was in all Calif Videos & introduced him to Clemo #Mgenge2ru Story
Nonini : We need to get Khaligraph Jones on LA Leakers! Bless up G
Nonini - Mgenge2ru Story (Different Perspectives) #Shorts #LetsContent #VideoBiography
A Dream means nothing if it's left on the pillow! Shout out 2 @jimmigathu always repping #Mgenge2ru
Nonini - Video Biography (Mgenge2ru Story) #Shorts
202 - 2nd Feb #Mgenge2ru Nonini
Nonini and Son Vibing to Superman by Oven ���
Nonini : Vibing to Superman by Oven with Jay (One Day Riddim
Nonini: Smoggiz were Wakadinali wa hio enzi! Big up to these Ninjaz ��� #Mgenge2ru
@djnyckenya and everything nyce aki Angusha #OneDayRiddim kwenye toper ya @mgenge2rubrand ����
Harmony by the one and only @african.supaman was a ��� entry to the #OnedayRiddim
Nonini : I was a DJ and Mixtapes + Matwana culture was vital in growth of Kenyan Music ��
Nonini : Vibing to Harmony by African Supaman with Jay (One Day Riddim)
Nifurahiday - Chungeni Lakini Kuna Super Ghonorrhea ingine mwenda hapa inje �
Nonini : Vibing to L.O.V.E by Fidla with Jay (One Day Riddim) Full Video on my Videos ��
Nonini : Vibing to L.O.V.E by Fidla with Jay (One Day Riddim)
Nonini : Cauliflower Rice & Grilled Fish (Low Carb Diet)
IDDI Singer - Gad to be part of the culture and contributing to it as well #OneDayRiddim
Winter Music ���
Nonini - Genge journey & fight to give Kenyan Music �� an identity � #Mgenge2ru
Nonini - How Kenyan Music Genre "GENGE" was born & Why? #CTA
Nonini & Son in the studio vibing to Mtemi #GoodVibes #OneDayRiddim
Nonini : Vibing to Good Vibes by Mtemi with Jay (One Day Riddim)
Nonini : Genge made Sheng cool mpaka tukaacha kuitwa ma Obz #MaOboho ��
Big up to all the Djs pushing Kenyan Reggea! Oven - Superman ���� @oven_int254 @sapatdiary
2 Million $ Bet on Cowboys to beat Vs 49ers �
Nonini: Late 90's Kenyan Music was called 'LOCAL' & Dominated by LINGALA
Nonini : Crush Warehouse on NTV opened door's for Kenyan Music (Big Up Joe Mugweru)
Nonini : Always loved designing from school days to date (Epic Logos) M21
Nonini : How Bedroom Studios revolutionized KENYAN MUSIC
Young Jeezy - Corporate Thuggin and Always Evolving #BigSnow
Young Jeezy - How he first met Jay Z (Right Timing meets Opportunity) #BigSnow
Young Jeezy - You don't need validation to be real or a real man #StreetCred
Young Jeezy - Secret to remaining RELEVANT! #BigSnow
Beyond Bilal - Don't depend on the education system to educate us! Supplementary knowledge �
Tuskegee Institute : The statue of Washington (Booker T. Washington Lifting the Veil of Ignorance)
Join me Saturday on @ntvjamdown ntakua na watu wangu Dj Moh Spice & Shix Kapienga �� ������
Dog Lovers - Mans Best Friend
Rick Ross & The Game - Success is hard work no apologies ��
Timmy T Dat X Masaitu - Naskia Poa ��� What I love seeing and hearing Kenyan Music �����
Number 1 Reggae Empress Dj from Kenya! ���� Dj Nyc Luku na Attitude ya #Mgenge2ru imekubali ��
Beyond Bilal - Adam was Black unlike the movies we grew up watching.
Beyond Bilal - City of Mecca Established by a Black African Woman.
Beyond Bilal - Story of Kunta Kinte ( The Roots)
Beyond Bilal - Africans were shamed & forbidden to speak Mother tongue ( Native Language) in school
Beyond Bilal- Sankore University did cataract eye surgery almost 500-600 years ago in West Africa �
Beyond Bilal - Mansa Musa Ruler Mali Empire (Timbuktu) 1st University in Africa 1100s C.E.
Being Bilal- Orientalists believed civilization in Africa was based on reading & writing pt 2
Beyond Bilal - Orientalism in Western Academia and how African History was re-painted pt 1 �
Nonini: 1st First song was Usiku Carlifornia ft T.i.T.O
Nonini : Mr Lenny before Ogopa was in a group called Tumaini Scratch Records before Calif Records
Nonini - Born from TLC (No Scrubs) & Sporty Thieves (No Pigeons) �
Nonini -Early 2000 Kenyan Djs pushed Kenyan Music Unapologetically #WeCanDoitAgain ��
Black America vs White America - Pure Facts
latest #OneDayRiddim on my YouTube! Dope sana from my boy @sgeemusic all the way from Jamaica ������
My Furahiday's nights transformed from a drinking nation to a working out session. ��#mgenge2ru
Passion Vs Talent : Rick Ross
50 cent : Mind Blowing Songs written by Curtis �
Nonini : Florida 2000 and it's influence on Kenyan Music
Crazy NBA - Skills ��
Femi One / Otile Brown / Nonini - Dominate diaspora awards 2022 ����
Nonini - Family and Childhood Friends ���� #CTA
Shaggy & Beres - Fight this feeling on One Day Riddim Marsh up! ���
Nonini & Son in Studio #OneDayAtATime �
The BeatNuts - Do you Believe? 1997 #GoldenAgeHipHop
Rayc & French Boy - Motto Motto ��� we Directed this music video with my boy Willie Owusu!!!
Nonini & Jay - One Day Review (One Day Riddim) #MrGoodVibes
Nonini - Kameme hand radios & Went to Primo with Blinky Bill ��� #CTA
Nonini - Fell in Love with Music 1996 (High School Years) #CTA
Khaki Soul - High Grade (One Day Riddim) Nyeri ��
No Look Luka - Dallas Mavericks
happy people smoke weed �� ��� #HighGrade
Give Legends their flowers ��� Queens Orie Rogo Manduli & now the Beautiful Catherine Kasavuli R.I.P
Give up! Give in or Give it all you got! Brand New #OnedayRiddim from MALINDI by @ksimba_254 & ����
We have a Brand New #OnedayRiddim
SGee - Wanting ( One Day Riddim) Jamaica �
KSimba X Passion - Don't Give Up (One Day Riddim)
Oven - SuperMan (One Day Riddim)
Random Acts! Wishing #StevenNgwiri a Happy Birthday! Jah Blessings and to many more #Mgenge2tru ���
Nonini ft Aleki Boom X Kevin Brown - One Day (Extended Version)
2003 #TBT We Kamu!!!
Very interesting kuskia ideas are different talented musicians on the same Beat! #OnedayRiddim
Issa Sizzo - Ulalala ( One Day Riddim)
Manzi Wa Kanairo! Where it's all began 2002...
Nonini - One Day � born in Vegas #OneDayRiddim
African Supaman - Harmony ( One Day Riddim)
Zipper Hoodies now available and Also Hoodie Dress for ladies #Mgenge2ru its an Attitude!
Gotta move differently when you want different. Watu wangu Kwa ground #OneDayAtaTime #Mgenge2ru
Nonini - One Day Riddim Promo 1
Nonini - Shine My Locs �� Business in Boston
Fidla - L.O.V.E (One Day Riddim)
Nonini - Jam Down with Dj Moh Spice & Shikxkapienga (OneDayRiddim)
Nonini - 1st Debut Song 20 years ago #ManziWaNairobi
Patience imefanya less kua More! Bakuli kua NDOO! � #NgepaKadhaa#Mgenge2ru ���
#Mgenge2ru it's an Attitude anyone can Own! ������
Mtemi - Good Vibes #OneDayRiddimChallenge
Returning the favor to Lady Bee from - Genge Love to Mungu ni Upendo �����
Astronomical Numbers! #Brand
Nonini - Mgenge2ru Music & Music Business
Nonini - Has the realest Fanbase called #Wagenge2ru Sky Jumping
Reporting straight from the island's of Jamaica #Tropics �️ #OneDayatTime ?� ���
Every generation just wants their kids to have a better 'spiderman' reboot than they did.
Piga Hustle Kimya Kimya Kisha Wacha Success ipige kelele! Humbled always #Mgenge2ru #OneDayatTime
How a simple idea came 2 life is beyond me #Mgenge2ru SnapBack with leather Brim ��� #OneDayAtaTime
Sapat Opips - One Day by Nonini on 100% Kenyan Reggea Mix ���
Had fun recording this one!
One Day At A Time!
Brother hood is breaking bread � at times when you could have fed yourself. Shukran sana @alekiboom
@Emmanueljalmusic X @noninimgengetrue = Banger! Hapa Kazi tu �� na �� #Mgenge2ru ���
Genge ndio mziki yetu ya Mtaani! Unaikula Kwa ZaBe ukiwa majani! Reggea na Genge ikibamba? �
Video Now Playing on my Channel! #OneDayAtATime �
One Day - Nonini ft AlekiBoom & Kevin Brown (Official Video) #JBL #YAMAHEWA
One Day at A Time!! ���
TheFitcinematogrpher who is also responsible for the success of this project �����
CEO @kigachu_limited akikula vibes! Shukran @alvin_kigz #Mgenge2ru Video LIVE in 17hours.
#AMbusiDay @mbusiinalionteketeke courtesy of Empress @djnyckenya �#OneDayAtATime
Hatujawai kua ma Kinuthia SAWA @shynthuo @alekiboom ���� �
The site we are looking at Amazing! ���� #GodDid #EpicStuff #October2nd #Oneday����
Vijana wako Kazi! Tuko works Muzeiya #Mgenge2ru ��♥️ @mgenge2rubrand
Either they grow with you or you outgrow them but don't stand still 4 NOBODY! #OneDay #Mgenge2ru ���
FREEDOM nikuset KiNduku na Kiko Kati kati ya Time Square with NYPD all around you. Bucket � list ✅
Libra's we don't lose it! We keep our cool even in chaos. ⚖️ But when we lose it � #2ndOctober �
Kazi Tu #Mgenge2ru
New York City Lights will inspire YOU! #Mgenge2ru �����
Nonini & Zoe : Follow Zozo Fun Channel
Lose a bag � get a bigger bag �� Lose a friend get a Realer Friend! Shukran sana Mwalimu Rachel! ���
Mgenge2ru incoming Carlifornia #Rugby7 ������
Finally linked up with @collins79kollo #LARugby7s2022 #Mgenge2ru ���
Nonini Mgenge2ru - Partnership with Kigachu Limited LIVE!
Nonini & Nameless - LA Rugby7s 2022
Nonini - Ginger Gardens X Mgenge2ru Partnership
This will forever be a classic inspirational song! #JustABand #Mgenge2ru ����@blinkybillmusic
Tuko Works Muzeiya!
Kuna #Mgenge2ru mwingine hapa Ajab sana! Check out @soilamistmalik86 ���
Nonini - Mgenge2ru Sneakers 22's Unveiling
Nairobi Ndani wacha sasa ni dish ya kilami leo matumbo chorea! Tukitayarisha Celebration ingine
Huyu @namelesskenya9947 alikua anishow tu park tu hapa Utapata gari ilibebwa Wacha ku clampiwa!
#AfterMath #Mambotu
Simple life Pleasures #Matumboree #Furahiday #Mgenge2ru ��
Shukran Kigachu Limiter gatchu! Ginger Gardens Phase 2.
Believe it or not Mr Good Vibes introduced me to this song and I love it! He likes XXXTentancion
I'm still humbled by the fact that we inspire and still continue to do so 4generations 2 come!
Always mark your own territory. Your own course. Walk on that path that people are afraid to walk!
Carlifornia birthed me! Always be proud of the hood that taught me valuable life lessons
Nostalgia Flani...
The game Ends when you stop Playing! Cheza kama wewe never STOP � #Mgenge2ru
#WRCSafariRally #MrGoodVibes Edition! ���� #Mgenge2ru
Furahiday udai 2Luku � hakuna otherwise @theemwalimurachel looking DOPE na hio crop top! #Mgenge2ru
Luka Magic! ��� Unbelievable game 7 straight to the Western Conference Finals!
#Mgenge2ru it's an Attitude anyone can own ���
Niko na mtu wangu hapa @alekiboom vibes on vibes � @mongolo_mwangangi utafurahia � #Mgenge2ru
Blood group bado ni G (Genge Addict) it's been massive fun working on this new album.
#MrGoodVibes #JayJay turns 10 #Mashallah ����
When your Son hits Double Digits! He deserves some time out!
F1 lessons mapema mapema #MrGoodVibes #GengePrince �
Birthday Weekend #Furahiday imeanza na Mzuka hapa!
Jay in the Zone - Genge Prince
Studio session -Birthday Week
Jay in the Studio!
Wanaume Kazini! #Mgenge2ru #Nifurahiday
Just don't be a Kinuthia
Hunipati ft Daniella Rst in Peace JANET a.k.a Daniella Condolences to the entire family & friends.
Si #Nifurahiday basi @goldenserap #Mgenge2ru ����
Kenya Copyright Board - (Kecobo) Sued by MCSK (Industry Cartels)
Uber Sings!
What happens in Vegas? On to the next one Vancouver #Rygby7evens #Mgenge2ru 1st time in Canada ����
Mgenge2ru Brand ���
Gagaga Gigagaga...
Vibes on vibes ��� #Mgenge2ru @bensonbex
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Crypto Expo Dubai #Saitama #SaitamaWolfPack #Saitamask
Content Creator @mwihaki_nganga •Wakikuyu wamesema hawataki hizo maswali tena���
Twin Voice �����
Maisha ni mafupi ndugu yangu � PS: Mola* uwabariki waliotuwacha
Jina Gani?
Happy Women's Day ♀️
#Mgenge2ru Keep your head up! ��
KLM - Intentional Dads
NeW Month!
We Kamu Marsh Up
Spotted somewhere in an airport! ��� #Mgenge2Ru @mgenge2rubrand
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Wings za Ku DeFI-Gravity! #TukoWorksMuzeiya #Mgenge2Ru
Mgenge2ru NFTs
�Mgenge2Ru an Attitude anyone can OWN!
@snoopdogg doing the C-Walk on the Superbowl! Is Great on so many levels ♿ kama hujui..Google..�
#Mgenge2ru Brand
Lately been on very warm colors how about we tone it down for Ladies! #EarthTones �����
#MamaNilishe for the best Swahili Dishes/Cuisines in Kilimani hapo Mall 66 (AdlifePlaza) ��
#MamaNilishe hapo Adlife Plaza kabla Sherehe! Piga Pilau yako and Biriyani safi #NewRestaurantAlert
All Over Print #Mgenge2ru Merchandise What's app 0798333134
Truly humbled @amstardaph Bless � keep pushing hio kujituma daily ndio spirit ya #Mgenge2ru ��
#Mgenge2ru Trust the Process
January 24, 2022
January 24, 2022
Web 3.0 - Powered by Blockchain & Crypto
People who want to see you WIN! Help you WIN! Kumbuka hio #Mgenge2ru �����
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January 11, 2022
#GengeLove #Fashion #Mgenge2ruBrand
Quality means doing it right when nobody is looking.� #JuuTukoWorksMzeiya #Mgenge2Ru ��
Secure the � #Mgenge2ru Now the last song makes much more sense! ��
Something about that �� noma sana! #TukoWorksMzeiya #Mgenge2ru #GrindDontStop ���
Area 51 be like �� #Area51
Na Sasa shida Iko wapi wadau? Situingie SonFord tu? Organic Kenya
Loyalty is a characteristic trait. Those who have it, give it free of charge. #Mgenge2Ru ���
Happy 2022! it's on...�
Piga Luku mpaka Luku ikuzoe! @thesuegacambi repping that #Mgenge2Ru ���� #TheRealOnes
Mtu yeyote anaeza kua #Mgenge2ru ITS AN ATTITUDE! ���� Sue Gacambi ���
Appreciation for @thesuegacambi ame pull up vimajor! Wewe ni #Mgenge2Ru � Shukran sana ����
Mr Good Vibes just got his first Virtual Reality Console (VR) yuko excited yake yote � #Mgenge2ru
Mr Good Vibes just got his first Virtual Reality Console (VR) yuko excited yake yote � #Mgenge2ru
#Repost @frenchmontana • • • • •Told Ye a 100 million now or a billion dollars later #cb @kanyewest
@mgenge2rubrand on the move! Bless up #Cliff ���� #HappyHolidays
Keep playing hapo #TIKTOK Utapata Mathako alikua aki dance hivi na Mbogi ���� #ManziWaNairobi
Mr Good Vibes 2
Good VIBES part 1
Gold Digger - YE
All Falls Down- YE
December 21, 2021
Kanye West - Free Hoover Concert
Andrew Kibe - Realest
That boy @cliff_mageto always pulling up looking fresh with that #Mgenge2Ru drip! Balaa ����
It's been 24yrs since my bro Left us today 18th December 1997. #Mgenge2Ru
Sometimes your ambitions make you look crazy � but it will all make sense #Mgenge2ru ������
Kicking it with AY...
Hustle beats Talent when Talent doesn't Hustle! #Mgenge2ru 21's now available. ����
Nonini - Mgenge2ru 21s Shoe Reveal in Seattle
Kula butter kuku waskie Wivu! X ��� Seattle we coming in ��� @aytanzania @roma_zimbabwe
AY - Roma - Nonini ����
Lincoln Memorial
Nonini ft Chege - #TangaChallenge
From today call my Son #MrGoodVibes ��Wale WaKamba wanasumbua Amerika! yes my fly is open �
It's been 20 years in the game na tunashukuru God always! #TANGA ����
Cross Roads - Bone Thugs and Harmony 1995
This is what a DJ with 3 piece can do! Let's take is back to the old school TALENT & SKILL
Three 6 Mafia bring out Lil Wayne ���
Three 6 Mafia X Lil Wayne - Bands that make her Dance
Teach them kids to dream with their eyes open. #Mgenge2ru
Mgenge2ru PSA
Always speaking the RAW Truth @kibeandy ��� #Mgenge2ru it Hurted! �
Number 8 Bless up ���
let's watch that #TANGA 4K properly ���
Whiskey and Cigar Music! ������ #TANGA
Happy Thanksgiving..
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Our Very Own VJ One! ��
Tanga Chorus 73210626 (RingbackTone) *811#
Karibu Nairobi 73210627 (RingbackTone) *811#
Kadeti 73210628 (RingbackTone) *811#
Toys ���
Safare za Mbare Mbare! KARE
Music industry Evolution!
OUT NOW! ����
Nonini ft. Chege Chigunda (TZ) : Tanga (Official Video) #Mgenge2ru
9 pm Tonight � Nonini x Chege Chigunda
Kujitoa Kwa Bunker! #BunkerShots @okothwfg #Mgenge2ru ���
#Mgenge2ru is an attitude anyone can own! @carlsen.carina Understood the Assignment ����
Tuchachishe hii Dethemba ama Vipi? Movie ��
Only Legends will understand this!
#Mgenge2ru #Drip ���
Mgenge2ru Caps ���
Mgenge2ru Watches ���
Graffiti Foreign in that Genge Luv Vibes...�
Mgenge2ru Gucci..
Nonini Son Messing his M2 Logo ���
Nonini & Son reaction : Genge Prince gets #Mgenge2ru Kick's
Human body has 2ends on it:1 to create with & one 2sit on. Sometimes people get their ends reversed
Lazima Utapenda �� MtwanaCulture Noma Sana #KaribuKenya #Mgenge2RU #Armband #KenyanCap #KenyanLegend
Shukran sana Harriet James & Sir-Elly Gitau for this people daily article on today's paper ����
Sam K Ndungu Bumping to one of my all time favourite records on the #godfatherAlbum ����
Nonini : Guest Cameo on Kaa La Moto Video
Genge / Reggea -Lipua Jaba
It's addictive
Mgenge2ru golfing
2 Kambas in the US
My son's favourite song...
Nonini : Mgenge2ru Brands ���
Nonini Mgenge2Ru : Hangs out with Team Young Jeezy #LegendsOfTheStreetsTour
Nonini Mgenge2Ru : Legends Of the Streets Tour Baltimore MD
Mgenge2ru Kicks : Nonini unveils his shoe brand on the Streets SilverSpring
Nonini : Genge Love Vumbi Chronicles
Mgenge2ru Shoes by Nonini ���
Las Vegas Sessions : Nonini & Raz 001
Nonini : Mgenge2ru Kick's (Sneakers)
Beat Ya Keggah : Responsible for Mega revolutionary Kenyan Music (Now you Know) #BYK #CTA
Beat Ya Keggah on CTA PlayHouse : Music Genius #BYK
Nonini : Experiencing the Tesla Model X #TheClassicTX #EV
1. Mgenge2ru : Sherehe Sheria SilverSprings MD
CTA Playhouse - Truth about Nonini, Calif and Homeboyz
You are Worthy : Video by Shona Ferguson (Inspiration)
Senator Nairobi : Johnson Sakaja meets Genge Prince Jaden ( Nonini's Son) �
Kapnea : Levels interview on K24 The Loop with Mike Wachira
Kapnea - Bullets Performance ( Live on The Loop K24) with Mike Wachira
Levels - Nonini X Kapnea ( Official Behind the Sins) �
Levels Video : Nonini X Kapnea ( Mgenge2ru checks in on set )
LEVELS - Nonini ft Kapnea ( Official 4K Video ) #Mgenge2RU
Nonini : 2021 US Tour & Merchandise details.
Nonini : Mgenge2ru Brand #M2
Nonini 1 hour Video Mix : By Deejay Kigasti (Moto) �
Manzi Wa Nairobi by Nonini : Alternate Sounds Version
Kenya Morans : Homecoming Lunch after Afro Basket Qualification #Nonini #Rnn
Nonini x The Movement Band x Hornsphere - Manzi Wa Nairobi Rehearsal LIVE!
Kitu Sewer the Poet - Consistent character in all his songs on Rhymes Na Nonini #RNN
Mashifta (Kitu Sewer & Gwiji ) - Mfalme HD
We Kamu - Nonini 2003 (Official Video) Better Audio
Keroro - Nonini (Original Version)
Kitu Sewer breaks down Pesa,Pombe,Siasa na Wanawake on Rhymes Na Nonini #RNN
Mashifta ( Kitu Sewer & G-Wiji )- Pesa, Pombe, Siasa na Wanawake
Nyota Ndogo & Nonini - Nibebe (Extended Version)
Mashifta ( Kitu Sewer & G-Wiji ) - Majambazi High Resolution
Kitu Sewer breaks down Majambazi on Rhymes Na Nonini #RNN
Nonini - Youtube Membership Welcome Announcement
Decimal Records : Kwa Daktari Musioka
Mejja on Rhymes Na Nonini - Niko Poa letter was inspired by my Bro #RNN
Mejja on Rhymes Na Nonini - Khadija his Sir name is to honor his Mum #RNN
Redsan on Rhymes Na Nonini - Kenya to Zaire on a Bus #RNN
Juliani on Rhymes Na Nonini - Mahogany floor Expensive Kuliko Hao Dandora #RNN
4: Nameless on Rhymes Na Nonini - This Love Ya Mathenge #RNN
3: Nameless on Rhymes Na Nonini - Music Lyrics & Corporate Companies in Kenya #RNN
2: Nameless on Rhymes Na Nonini - Deadly was Sexy lakini Ka Heshima #RNN
1: Nameless on Rhymes Na Nonini - Ladies Man ama Ni Mgenge camouflaging? #RNN
Nameless Drop on Rhymes Na Nonini #RNN
4: Frasha on Rhymes Na Nonini - Musicians are not making money in the Music Industry #RNN
3: Frasha on Rhymes Na Nonini - I Support GengeTone 100% #RNN
Nonini attacked by Bees on set #RhymesNaNonini #RNN #Bloppers
2: Frasha on Rhymes Na Nonini - Siku Njema Lost Tapes #RNN
1: Frasha on Rhymes Na Nonini - Ni Mkare alianza Mziki na Nakitare #RNN
4: Fundi Frank on Rhymes Na Nonini - Diamond Nameless & Wyre have in Common #RNN
3: Fundi Frank on Rhymes Na Nonini - Sijapata Ndai #RNN
2: Fundi Frank on Rhymes Na Nonini - Hip Hop & Taarab similarity #RNN
1: Fundi Frank on Rhymes Na Nonini - Kenya's Number 1 Designer & Enterprenuer #RNN
Fundi Frank Drop on Rhymes na Nonini #RNN
4: Mbogi Genje on Rhymes Na Nonini - Ngumi ni Mbwegze ama Jamo #RNN
3: Mbogi Genje on Rhymes Na Nonini - Ku Wamocho ndio riba #RNN
2: Mbogi Genje on Rhymes Na Nonini - We Kamu Remix Mwokalize #RNN
1: Mbogi Genje on Rhymes Na Nonini - Nairobi Sheng Masters #RNN
Mbogi Genje ( Militant ) Drop on Rhymes Na Nonini #RNN
Mbogi Genje ( Smady Tings ) Drop on Rhymes Na Nonini #RNN
Mbogi Genje ( Guzman ) Drop on Rhymes Na Nonini #RNN
Nonini ft Levis Brown - Watoto wa Mungu ( A Willie Owusu version )
4: Maji Maji on Rhymes Na Nonini - Health Care or Welfare in Kenya #RNN
3: Maji Maji on Rhymesa Na Nonini - Unbwogable then retirement #RNN
2: Maji Maji on Rhymes Na Nonini - Juliani's Mum used to feed us Mandazi's #RNN
1: Maji Maji on Rhymes Na Nonini - Ghetto radio Legend #RNN
Maji Maji drop on Rhymes Na Nonini #RNN
4: KRG the Don on Rhymes Na Nonini - Zzero Sufuri & Sailors #RNN
3: KRG the Don on Rhymes Na Nonini - Mathogothanio Bondocks Gang Story #RNN
2: KRG the Don on Rhymes Na Nonini - Bob Marley Collabo with KRG #RNN
1: KRG the Don on Rhymes Na Nonini - 2 Million was the cost of my 1st Video #RNN
6: Jimwat on Rhymes Na Nonini - Best verse ever (Raundi Hii SiMchezo) #RNN
5: Jimwat on Rhymes Na Nonini - Angels among strangers #RNN
4: Jimwat on Rhymes Na Nonini - How i got into Alcohol abuse #RNN
3: Jimawat on Rhymes Na Nonini - Art is painting a bad picture in a beautiful way! #RNN
2: Jimwat on Rhymes na Nonini - 15,000 Kshs for 1 Hour Vocal Recording #RNN
1: Jimwat on Rhymes na Nonini - Kikuyu K-Town to Calif Records #RNN
Jimwat Drop on Rhymes Na Nonini #RNN
Kaa La moto on Rhymes Na Nonini - Extraordinary Skills Freestyle #RNN
8: Kaa La Moto on Rhymes na Nonini - Hip Hop 5% percenters #RNN
7: Kaa La Moto on Rhymes na Nonini - Mombasa vs Nairobi to make it? SAWA #RNN
6: Kaa La Moto on Rhymes na Nonini - Khaligraph & Octopizzo Beef #RNN Ongea PT 2
Muscle : Mind and Money : Nonini with the Kenyan Entrepreneur Start Ups Conversations
9: Kaa La Moto on Rhymes Na Nonini - Elements of Hip Hop Freestyle #RNN
5: Kaa La Moto on Rhymes na Nonini - Never hold back Truth #RNN ONGEA PT1
Turn App Music : No. 1 Streaming & Music Download Android Application
4: Kaa La Moto on Rhymes Na Nonini - Bibilia na Qurani ujanja ya Utumwani #RNN
Music Business Kaa La Moto Freestyle : KLM touches on Mcsk , Prisk ,Split Sheets & Artists Branding
3: Kaa La Moto on Rhymes Na Nonini - Mijikenda & Gikuyu Culture #RNN
2: Kaa La moto on Rhymes Na Nonini - Kenyans in the Diaspora na Uarabuni #RNN
Kaa La Moto (off the dome) FREESTYLE : Mgenge2Ru throwing random topics on #RNN Rhymes Na Nonini
Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator - Watch Rhymes Na Nonini #RNN while having Breakfast
1: Kaa La Moto on Rhymes Na Nonini - Jimmi Gathu & Buda Boaz 1st Rappers in Kenya #RNN
Number 1 Hip Hop Artist Kenya - Kaa La Moto on Rhymes Na Nonini #RNN Message
Kaa La Moto (KLM Kiumbe) -Rhymes Na Nonini Drop #RNN
Mgenge2Ru Album : Exclusive Nonini interview with Mike Wachira
Jalango Vs Nonini : #BongaNaJalas Highlights
Turn App Music - #TurnAppMusic Official Advert
Nonini : On The Chamber with CJAtemo
Happy Mahujaa Day - Ekodydda & Nonini #RNN PSA
Happy Birthday-Nestor former Machachari Actor
4: Zzero Sufuri on Rhymes Na Nonini - Magoe , Kashkie ,Wisdom and God #RNN
3: Zzero Sufuri on Rhymes Na Nonini - KRG the Don met World Boss #RNN
2: Zzero Sufuri on Rhymes na Nonini - Youtube Multi Channel Networks Scam #RNN
1: Zzero Sufuri on Rhymes Na Nonini - Poetry & Sleeping Outside a Supermarket #RNN
Zzero Sufuri (Son of a Preacher) -Rhymes Na Nonini Drop #RNN
Watoto Wa Mungu - Nonini ft Levis Brown (Brand New Music Video)
4: Astar CTA PlayHouse Voice on Rhymes na Nonini - Zero UNITY in Kenyan Artists #RNN
3: AStar CTA PlayHouse Voice on Rhymes na Nonini - How i lost $1 million #RNN
2: AStar Wanted to Walk to Egypt - CTA Play House Voice on Rhymes Na Nonini #RNN
1: Astar CTA PlaHouse Voice on Rhymes na Nonini - The Beginning of AStar #RNN
Astar a.k.a CTA PlayHouse Voice -Rhymes Na Nonini Drop #RNN
5. Ekodydda (Made In Kenya) on Rhymes Na Nonini - Keep It Real & Am Blessed #RNN
Am Blessed (Ekodydda's 2nd born Son) -Rhymes Na Nonini Drop #RNN
Keep It Real (Ekodydda's 1st born Son) -Rhymes Na Nonini Drop #RNN
4. Ekodydda on Rhymes Na Nonini - Kenyan People United are stronger than a Bomb #RNN
Nonini - Personally Delivers Mgenge2Ru Hoodies to � Nadia
Nonini - Meets Shaniqwa (Mgenge2Ru Funny Reaction �)
Nonini - Hustler Mtaani (Biz ni Biz)
3. Ekodydda on Rhymes Na Nonini - Ku Stammer na Ku Stagger Style #RNN
2. Ekodydda on Rhymes Na Nonini - Mguu Za Kuku huitwa Bye Bye #RNN
1.Ekodydda on Rhymes Na Nonini - Reason na Kichwa ya Fish #RNN
Ekodydda (Ghetto President) -Rhymes Na Nonini Drop #RNN
Nonini - Mgenge2Ru Album & Merchandise Promo (2/10/2020)
4. Wahu Cried on Set (almost losing Nameless Again)-Rhymes Na Nonini #RNN
3. Wahu on Rhymes na Nonini - Tanzanian Sponsor #RNN
2. Wahu on Rhymes Na Nonini - Sugar Daddy Still A Liar #RNN
Wahu - Rhymes Na Nonini Drop #RNN
1. Wahu on Rhymes na Nonini - Women Love Talking About Boys #RNN
4. Konkodi on Rhymes Na Nonini - Mentorship in Kenya #RNN
3. Konkodi on Rhymes Na Nonini - Working with Musyoka Decimal Records #RNN
2. Konkodi on Rhymes Na Nonini - Relax & Take Notes #RNN
Nonini Mgenge2Ru-Watch #Rnn with Safaricom Youtube Bundles
1. Konkodi on Rhymes Na Nonini - Gaza break down #RNN
Nonini Mgenge2Ru-Message about Upcoming Album (Pre-Order)
KonKodi - Rhymes Na Nonini Drop #RNN
Nonini - Official 4th Album Cover (Mgenge2Ru)
Nonini - Kenyan Creatives Group Interview with Jsmallz & Eve
Mercy Masika Vs Lady Bee - Gospel Queens Speak about Jesus Promo #RNN
Chris Cuomo - Life is Pain Management
Nonini - Turn App Music (Streaming & Download Application)
Redsan Vs Mejja-Rhymes Na Nonini Promo #RNN
Juliani Vs Kitu Sewer-Rhymes Na Nonini Promo #RNN
4. Lady Bee on Rhymes Na Nonini - Making of Genge Love,Kumbuka & Kila Goti #RNN
3. Lady Bee on Rhymes na Nonini - reveals she is Expectant #RNN
2: Lady Bee On Rhymes Na Nonini - Sexual Harassment in Kenyan Music Industry #RNN
Shofco - Nonini Music 4 Sanitary Towels Campaign
Lady Bee - Rhymes Na Nonini Drop #RNN
1: Lady Bee On Rhymes n Nonini - Jambo Rebels Band #RNN
Nonini - Mathare Women (Music for Sanitary Towels 2) Campaign
Nonini - Rhymes Na Nonini Break for Sanitary Towels Campaign #RNN
5: Kitu Sewer on Rhymes Na Nonini - Juu Ya Doe , Angalia Saa , Pandemic - #RNN
4: Kitu Sewer on Rhymes Na Nonini Wanasiasa wa Kenya #RNN
3: Kitu Sewer on Rhymes Na Nonini Mashairi (Shetani Msalabani) #RNN
2: Kitu Sewer on Rhymes Na Nonini - Pesa Pombe Siasa Na Wanawake #RNN
1: Kitu Sewer on Rhymes Na Nonini - Machozi Ya Diamond Kwa Lodging #RNN
Kitu Sewer - Rhymes Na Nonini drop #RNN
4: Mercy Masika-Rhymes Na Nonini - Interview Skills of #RNN
3: Mercy Masika-Rhymes Na Nonini - Mwema Classic #RNN
Nonini - Fraudulent call Story (Safaricom)
2: Mercy Masika-Rhymes Na Nonini - God (Father of the Fatherless) #RNN
1: Mercy Masika-Rhymes Na Nonini - Debut Album at 11 Years #RNN
Mercy Masika - Rhymes Na Nonini drop #RNN
Code 254 - Kenyan Mini Series (Uninterrupted) Part 3 Conclusion
6: Mejja on Rhymes Na Nonini - Reggea Za Mtambaruka- #RNN
5: Mejja on Rhymes Na Nonini - Bongo La Biashara #RNN
4: Mejja on Rhymes Na Nonini - Matharigo street food #RNN
3: Mejja on Rhymes Na Nonini - Niko Poa (Diana Ross its my House Sample) #RNN
2: Mejja on Rhymes Na Nonini - Defination of Mogoka #RNN
Nonini : Bonga Na Jalas Drop
Bonga Na Jalas-Rhymes Na Nonini drop #RNN
1: Mejja on Rhymes Na Nonini - Landlord wa Mejja Okwonko #RNN
Mejja Okonkwo-Rhymes Na Nonini drop #RNN
Nonini - Rhymes Na Nonini #RNN
4: Redsan on Rhymes Na Nonini - Culture Vultures #RNN
3: Redsan on Rhymes Na Nonini - awarded Chagua la Teeniz #RNN
2: Redsan on Rhymes Na Nonini - Zaire first Tour #RNN
1: Redsan on Rhymes Na Nonini - Power Supply by One 2 Moja #RNN
Code 254 - Kenyan Mini Series (Uninterrupted) Part 2
14. Nonini : Introduction of full CTA to come Real Truth about MCSK & CMOs : The Play House
Nonini - 6912 Sanitary Towels for Mathare Women Since March
13. Nonini : Collaborations za Nonini - The Play House
4: Juliani on Rhymes Na Nonini - Poets are Failed Rappers #RNN
12. Nonini: The Colour Kwa Face CSR Movement - The Play House
3: Juliani on Rhymes Na Nonini -Thugs are Mentors #RNN
2: Juliani on Rhymes Na Nonini - Con-Artists #RNN
1: Juliani on Rhymes Na Nonini - Networth of Juliani #RNN
11. Nonini : Lady Bee Connection - The Play House
Juliani - Rhymes Na Nonini drop #RNN
10. Nonini : The Bongo & Naija Fever in Kenyan Airwaves - The Play House
Nonini : Story Behind Lonely At The Top (Chris Adwar)
9. Nonini : Rise of P-Unit, Musyoka, Tanzania Connection & Much More! - The Play House
Nonini : Mongolo & Governor Alfred Mutua Cook Ugali (VIP SHOW)
8. Nonini : DJ Pinye Story & Kadhaa Video Shoot - The Play House
Nonini & friends donate more Sanitary Towels to Women in Mathare.
Harambee - Nonini & Didge (Lost Tapes)
7. Nonini : Introducing P-Unit & Nameless Furahiday Story - The Play House
Nonini 1st Ever Song -Ni nani na Ni nini?
#RNN - Rhymes Na Nonini (Youtube Show)
Jalango : Rocks 254 Nonini Hoodie
6. Nonini : Leaving Calif, Meeting Musyoka, Keroro! - The Play House
5. Nonini : The Story of Weh Kamu & Willie Owusu - The Play House
4. Nonini : Best Of Calif Records (Jimwat, Ratatat, Czar, Lady S, Flex, etc) - The Play House
3. Nonini : - Story ya Manzi Wa Nairobi The Play House #CTA
2. Nonini : Calif Records the Birth-The Play House #CTA
Nonini - Subscribe to My Youtube Channel #MgengeTrue
1. Nonini : Genge the Beginning-The Play House #CTA
Nonini - Kadhaa Live with Musyoka (Decimal Chronicles)
Code 254 - Kenyan Mini Series (Uninterrupted) Part 1
CTA - The Play House Nonini
Furahiday - Nonini Live with Musyoka (Decimal Chronicles)
Colour Kwa Face - Nonini Live (Decimal Chronicles) ft Bridget Blue
Nonini - Music for Sanitary Towels (Mathare)
Keroro - Nonini (Decimal Chronicles LIVE)
SK Blue - Speaks about Nonini on CTA (Playhouse)
Nonini - Sonford Mathare food distribution
Nonini - Sonfords Kuku (Random Kindness)
Nonini Live 11pm Tonight-Decimal Chronicles link on description
Wanawake - Nonini ft Nyota Ndogo (Audio Video)
Mwisho Ya Mawazo - Nonini
Nonini - 1000 Hit Workout (Frank Roberts)
Kumekucha - Nonini ft Proffesor Jay & Qchillah
Nonini Son's Birthday song-Jaden turned 8 May 7th 2020
Khaligraph Jones - speaks about Nonini on CTA (PlayHouse)
Kenyan Djs & Nonini raise 175,000 Kshs on Facebook Live!
Nonini & Decimators Live
Haunijui Mimi - Nonini Skiza Code "6110077"sms 811
Destroy what destroys YOU-Life Changing Motivational Video
Nonini - Keroro (Rekebisha Remix) Audio
Moyoni - Nonini ft Gaddafi (Audio)
Kuta Vitu - Nonini ft Gdruff (Audio)
Watu - Nonini ft Ratattat (Audio)
Nani Mwenza - Nonini ft Juma Nature & Luten (Gangwe Mob) Audio
Life in Motion - Ride A Bike (Cycling Casually Explained)
Nonini - Mathare Slums Sanitary Towels Campaign
Mongolo - Through the Window
Pure Clean Positive Energy Vibration-Meditation Music, Healing Music, Relax Mind Body & Soul
Code 254 - Episode 30 (Season Finale) Kenyan Mini Series
Nonini - 1000 Hit Cardio Workout
Nonini - Life During Covid 19 for African Creatives Discussion (Webnar)
Nonini - Mgenge True Masks (Covid 19)
Nonini Mix - Genge Love Mix
Code 254 - Episode 29 (Kenyan Mini Series)
Code 254 - Episode 28 (Kenyan Mini Series)
Code 254 - Episode 27 (Kenyan Mini Series)
Code 254 - Episode 26 (Kenyan Mini Series)
Code 254 - Episode 25 (Kenyan Mini Series)
Nonini - Hip Hop/Genge Video Mix
Siri Zangu - Nonini (Lost Tapes Listen Loud)
Best Version Of Yourself - Self Believe Motivational Video
24 Hours-Motivational Video
Code 254 - Episode 24 (Kenyan Mini Series)
Code 254 - Episode 23 (Kenyan Mini Series)
Code 254 - Episode 22 (Kenyan Mini Series)
Code 254 - Episode 21 (Kenyan Mini Series)
Nonini - MgengeTrue Welcome Youtube Intro
Nonini - Mathare Women Sanitary Towels Appeal
Fearless Motivation - Never Give Up (Keggah)
Code 254 - Episode 20 (Kenyan Mini Series)
Code 254 - Episode 19 (Kenyan Mini Series)
Embrace The Stretch - Covid 19
Mongolo Covid 19 - Corona Virus Curfew2020