Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation


The National Broadcasting Corporation (popularly referred to by its acronym NBC) is the regulatory body governing the Nigerian broadcasting industry.

A parastatal of the Federal Government of Nigeria, its duties include, monitoring licensees’ broadcast content; implementing compliance with the Code's provisions; conducting research in the industry to generate reliable data for policy formulation; and ensuring professional development in the industry, in a dynamic manner, through the accreditation of the mass communication curricula in all the tertiary and other institution related to broadcasting.

The NBC also advises the Federal Government on the national mass communication policy with particular reference to broadcasting, arbitrates conflicts in the broadcast industry; and regulate and Control Nigeria’s broadcast industry. I

t is in the fulfilment of this last duty of regulation that the NBC gets into the news—when a song, or music video, for example, is banned from the airwaves and television stations. Although this banning doesn’t affect cable and online content.

NGAbuja, Nigeria
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Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation
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