Ngwaka Son Systéme


Ngwaka Son Système hails from the Democratic Republic of Congo and is conducted by former members of the band KOKOKO! Love Lokombe (director, vocals) and Boms Bomolo (guitar). Ngwaka Son Systéme further iterates the tradition of DIY- instrument crafting, a unique feature of contemporary Congolese bands. The musical escapades of Ngwaka Son Systéme are kept at high energy levels through the delivery of MCs Bebé Boomastyl and Héritier Lakala, Dieu Merci Caméléon and chanteuse Bijoux Losokola and its backbone is held together by the eye-catching drumset carefully crafted out of metal and plastic object and expertly executed by drummer Steroy. Music for right here, right now, straight from the heart of the megacity of Kinshasa!

CDCongo (Kinshasa)
In operation since: 
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