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Siyamthanda Nelson Nohashi was born on the 18 of August 1992 in New Crossroads Nyanga. His mother gave birth to him when she was 16 years of age, in a Wendy house in front of the house. Before he was born his mother had in mind to that she was going to name him khanya, but his family had the name Siyamthanda on their mind.

On the day he was born they called an ambulance, but the things changed when the ambulance came. There were about 5 ambulances which came then all of them they gave him the name Nelson. The reason they gave him the name Nelson, they say it is because people will be saved through him. He grew up with his cousins because he is the only child from his mother. They were like brothers to him, and some of them died.

He started attending church at a very young age, there was Faith Mission Church Open Air which he attended,from then he never stopped attending. And there was also a lady called sis Makoti she had a small tuck shop he used to go and buy biscuits. He would ask to go with her to church on Sundays and he never stopped. Then as time goes he accepted and gave he’s life to Jesus Christ.

He started to sing and to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ at a very young age at church and church revivals that is when his ministry began. In 2009 he started to perform in the community and schools especially the high school he attended. Over the years, he pursued music as career and had performed at several events namely, schools outreach programs like SCO’s. He has released one gospel album so far, and through that album he was able to reach a huge audience although he did not expect to reach such huge audience and through the the project he has also worked with other artists and made partnerships with the other organizations like local radio stations, and collaborate with the musicians and reached out to communities because always when the communities are doing something they don’t forget to call him come and perform. He learned to take his music business more seriously because he found out that there are people out there who are very found of his music and who are expecting him to release new albums almost every year. He also realized that making gospel music is also a business, not just a church activity. It’s more than just an act of praise and worship within the Church and Christian community.

He also learned that through even just one song from an album, God can touch and change person’s life because the are people who come to him after his performances and say that they are healed by the presence of God during his performances. That is why he always says he will never stop singing the Gospel of Jesus, because he was called by...


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Nelson Nohashi

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