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Nawaal Howa is a film music artist based in Cape Town in South Africa.

"Musical Theater was the impetus to my involvement with community theaters," she says. "I starred in my first Musical as a principal in 2002. What followed was a total immersion in many aspects of the industry. With a strong background in Corporate International Banking it was inevitable that I would take that expertise to manage artists.

"Evolving as an artist coupled with my skill on stage, I created a space for many an artist to develop and perform. I gravitated toward the Broadway genre in 2014 and became focused in expanding my personal repertoire. I performed in Soirees at Theater level and recognized the ill representation of women of colour performing this genre. It further transpired (through interviews and auditions), that many of them living on the Cape Flats with outstanding talents, were indeed not privy to the know how of getting selected to perform Broadway.

"It was an exciting extension of my Musical endeavors at this stage, to bring in board very skilled and semi professional dancers. All women from disadvantaged backgrounds but highly talented and hungry to perform Broadway. This inspired me to become deeply entrenched in their aspirations to become involved and specifically perform Broadway. I am currently rehearsing my own Production: Broads on Broadway that will be showcasing at The Masque Theater (Muizenberg).

"Developing takes a lot of time, effort and money. I am sincerely hoping I will be able to source a credible administrator who will assist in me applying for funding. However, I am not solely relying on that."

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Nawaal Howa

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