MUSON Centre


The MUSON Centre is located in the heart of Lagos Island, Nigeria conspicuously between the National Museum, the City Mall, the age-long Onikan Stadium. It is the former official residence of the Nigeria’s foremost Centre of artistic excellence. MUSON is an acronym for the Musical Society of Nigeria.

This serene establishment effuses the spirit of creativity (for which it was built) as well as the apparently eternal charm of love of those who once sat in and walked through its grounds when it was known as “The Love Garden” (This was before the unveiling the centre’s facilities by Prince Charles in 1995).

Surrounded by iconic landmarks which speak of Nigeria’s independence history such as Tafawa Balewa Square (also known as “Race Course”), this repository of music, arts and culture site at a short distance from the commercial nerve centre of Lagos.

NGLagos, Nigeria
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MUSON Centre
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