'I was always called Dj bongz From a very young age and I guess that influenced my career choice'

Born in Rustenburg and raised in Soweto, Musikadibongz got his love for music when he worked in different church's sound departments as the Audio technician and as a musician from a very young age. He informally learned how to play the piano and was involed in a band at later stage, that's when he started falling In love with other instruments. Even though Musika only knew how to play gospel chords, he found a way to use them on his own productions which helped him to become a versatile producer.

In 2014 he released his first single called Deep feeling and at that time Musika was noticed by different local independent labels in Soweto. In 2015 Musikadibongz met Amzin SA and they decided to form their own brand called Soulfulic Brothers. "That was the best decision I ever made in my life, the  Soulfulic team is actually like family to me"

After obtaining his matric certificate, Musikadibongz enrolled at the Academy of sound engineering and in the first year he got his first certificate for being a certified User of Pro tools(A industry standard software to create or work with music).

As a Dj and performer, Musikadibongz gets his gigs in hip clubs around Johannesburg mainly in Braamfontein, Newtown and Maboneng, his also booked In events and festivals around his hometown Soweto.

Musikadibongz has worked in different genres which is house, hip-hop, soul and jazz but specializes in house music, he composed Soulful house and combined it with alot of elements from different genres which he calls it Makupa, a music brand under Soulfulic Records.

Musikadibongz continues to produce dance tunes like Ubsuku bonke which was released December and started to work with more artist and producers in 2019.

ZASoweto, South Africa
In operation since: 


Bongani Rapoo

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