Musicians Union of the Gambia (MUSIGAM)


The Gambia Music Union of Gambia (MUSIGAM) is an arts association in The Gambia. MUSIGAM was formed in 2008 to develop a cultural music industry and creative cadres centered on the understanding of and the appreciation of all Gambian ethnic groups. Their sole aim is to co-ordinate music events and festivals in collaboration with National Centre for Arts and Culture.

Among other responsibilities, MUSIGAM nationally and internationally promotes the appreciation of Gambian music and culture to create a better understanding of multi ethnic Gambian traditional music. It promotes and creates national and international development and education projects, for association members with the thrust of promoting education in the music industry.

MUSIGAM creates branches of the union in community centers throughout Gambia, to eradicate music piracy in the country for the interest of all musicians. It fosters and supports close relationships with International Musicians Association and participates in Pan African Music initiatives to protect the interests of musicians employed within Gambia.

It collaborates with international organizations in the promotion of Gambian music, musicians and cultural groups. It protects members against misuse of their works by broadcasting, performance or illegal recording. In addition, MUSIGAM collaborates in the formation of copyright and royalty collection agency and devise protective measure to ensure against piracy.

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Musicians Union of the Gambia (MUSIGAM)
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