Into Music Society (IMS)


Into Music Society (IMS) is a non-profit organisation in Swaziland. It was formed by patrons of the Swazi arts who are involved in the promotion of music and other notable artistic events in that country.

The primary aim of IMS is to provide music education and instruments to young Swazis who exhibit a strong aptitude for music and the arts. The organisation also aims to provide space and equipment for music practice, rehearsals and performance for the young artists. Ultimately, it seeks to broaden the awareness of music as an art form and as an alternative career that can be followed by the youth in the community.

In addition, IMS provides resources for Swazi youth to learn, perform, appreciate and share music. The following are some of its missions: to inspire and nurture musical talent among Swazi youth, to provide instruments and music lessons to young Swazi artists, to foster mentoring of young artists by mature performing artists, to promote performance opportunities through the stage and other media and to develop awareness amongst the youth about art as a profession.

IMS aims to identify and recruit youth who exhibit musical talent but who have no or very little experience. It intends to offer music development programs to the youth that include access to instruments, equipment and music theory and practice. The lessons are taught by skilled music tutors. Preference is given to learners between the ages of 7-21 years living in Mbabane, Manzini and in other towns where satellite branches are established.

Most parents in Swaziland are not able to afford the payment required hence the major objective of IMS is to raise funds from individuals, corp-orates and development funding institutions to support the young artists to realise their talent and dreams. Such funds are used to provide some of the following: tuition for music theory (based on certified programs), tuition for practical lessons with teachers where each student is treated individually as well as ensemble playing, stage Equipment, sound and Light equipment for both practice and performances and space for the young artists to practice, rehearse and perform

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