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Music Industry Online is the largest music industry portal in South Africa, providing news, articles, music review, demo zone, interaction and much more to thousands of visitors. MIO plays a critical role as a significant catalyst for growth in South Africa's ever vibrant music market and media sectors. The MIO team is comprised of dynamic young journalists and media entrepreneurs with capable management, editorial, research skills and is most importantly fully in touch with the happenings of the local music industry.

MIO has been established for 15 years and is the central point for South African music online community to come together and absorb and share information. It began as PC Music, a newsletter initiated by Josh Adler. The newsletter was used to explain the basics of using personal computers to make music and the first issue was sent out electronically in December 1999. For a while, the PC Music newsletter would be distributed electronically each month, and then archived on the website. This website grew steadily over the years and around 2005 changed its name. Music Industry Online is the culmination of all the growth that had taken place with PC Music, starting out with less than 50 subscribers to becoming South Africa's largest skills resource, serving over 400 000 pages of content to visitors. From its humble beginnings, MIO continues to bring the freshest music industry-related news, maintaining its position as SA's Music Industry Information Portal.

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