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Located in the vibrant district Area 23 of the nation’s capital, Lilongwe, Music Crossroads Malawi is a hive of youth-centered activities and initiatives. The organisation - a buzzing musical hub for young musicians from Malawi, Africa and beyond - promotes the sharing of knowledge through cultural exchanges, musical activities and research.

The Music Crossroads Academy gives young aspiring musicians the chance to get the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to develop as professional musicians for today’s highly competitive music industry. Currently, the academy offers an inspiring academic program that aims to strengthen music education in Malawi by improving its affordability, accessibility, quality and relevance to young talented musicians aged 18 to 30.

The one-year Professional Certificate Program is a unique MCA initiative made up of internationally trained teachers, modern high-quality teaching methods and music studios. Its faculty is a dynamic blend of highly accomplished guest-lecturers, educators, musicians and professionals from a wide-range of specialisations. Since its launch, the program has had a significantly positive impact on Malawi’s local music industry development and overall musical standards. Through the Professional Certificate Program, students may learn: Bass guitar, Drums, Lead guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Rhythm & body percussion, Choir and Traditional dance. All courses are held in the academy, which is equipped with state-of-the-art music equipment and sound labs.

Upon completion, students have consistently shown to greatly benefit from the program. Some, for instance, now run their own music recording studios, others are music teachers or have become professional recording artists.

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Music Crossroads Malawi
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