Museu de la Musica (Spain)


Based in Barcelona, Spain, Museu de la Música is a museum with a number of collections such as music instruments and sound. The institute began its collections in 1921. It established a small-scale museum of musical instruments, located in what had been a pavilion of the royal residence of the King of Spain in Montjuïc Park from the International Exposition of 1929.

The catalogue of the Museum's Instrumental Collection was formed by applying the classification of musical instruments according to the Hornbostel-Sachs system. The system is based on various systems of producing sound namely chordophones, aerophones, membranophones, idiophones and electrophones. A special place is held by the guitar collection, the large keyboard instruments (clavichord, harpsichord and piano), and the organs, which all feature prominently in the permanent exhibition.

The Museum maintains a number of different types of membranophones such as Arabic darabukka, the Indian tabla or the Far Eastern daikos.

It is open to members of the public from Tuesday to Saturday at 10h00am until 18h00pm. On Sundays it is open from 10h00am until 20h00pm and is closed on Mondays.

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Museu de la Musica
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