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Mohsin Habib Osman, popularly known as MSK Prime, is a musician and gamer from Ethiopia. He was born on March 30, 2002, in Addis Ababa. After his YouTube career failed, he developed an interest in music and continued to make music on his Owen by producing, writing, and mastering his songs. He was greatly influenced by rappers like Lil Dicky and other musicians, which is why he prefers to sing while rapping. His debut song, "Girlfriend," became very popular on Facebook. MSK Prime launches his own record label, Gigantic Production, to support his musical career and make music. Girlfriend was the first piece of music that he produced. He continued to play games and be an influencer on TikTok.

Early in 2021, MSK Prime began to produce his most impressive music to date. He trained diligently to write the song's amazing lyrics, "Ethiopian King," which took five minutes to write. He considered his friend Jolax, the best producer in Ethiopia. After finalizing the song, MSK went to Geez Stars, one of Ethiopia's biggest film productions, to create his wonderful music video. It took Jolax a full month to produce and master the song. This was the tale of the creation of "Ethiopian King" and the song's epic voyage. MSK Prime is only getting started.

MSK Prime grew up in the Addis Ababa neighborhood, raised by his father, Habib, and his mother, Sofia. He began to show curiosity about music at the age of nine. He graduated from School Of Tomorrow, after attending most of his high school at Ebenezer High School. He was smart and gifted in math and physics. He started filming YouTube sketches and music videos when he was still in high school and this was his first step towards stardom. He began his professional career as an artist at the age of sixteen in 2018, writing, recording and mastering his song and founding his own music label, Gigantic Production, to distribute his music globally.

Hip Hop / Rap has established itself as a universal genre. Due to its particular style and ability to convey or deliver authentic stories, hip hop is the most popular music genre on the planet.
'90s reggae and pop songs are entertaining, but they're not my thing. Reggae is more of a song of peace and hope, which I don't like, but I have the chemistry of reggae in my blood as an Ethiopian," acknowledges MSK Prime in an interview conducted by Free Press Info.

The hip hop artists who have most influenced MSK Prime are: Lil Dicky for his distinctive humor and storytelling, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne, "who have taught me to believe in myself and never stop do what I do."

As a Hip Hop artist, MSK Prime seeks to bring people together by expressing their worldview. In his first album «Wisdom», he reflects the wisdom that this artist has gained in the last 20 years of his life. "One of the biggest projects I've...


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