Molepo Traditional Dance Cooperative Limited


The artform: Dinaka/Kiba music and dance or mmino wa setšo as is known among rural communities in Limpopo province, South Africa; is an important heritage from pre-colonial Southern Africa. Our explanation of the art form is twofold: Firstly, Dinaka/Kiba music and dance as cultural expression - an aesthetic which has survived marginalization and misinterpretation through colonization and apartheid times. Secondly, Dinaka/Kiba music and dance as an oral teaching instrument central to Indigenous Knowledge Institutions of Southern Africa and the role it plays in knowledge sharing.

The organization Molepo Traditional Dance Cooperative Limited is an organization born out of the continuous dialogue between practitioners of Dinaka/Kiba Music and Dance, scholars, government agencies, investors, entrepreneurs and the general public pre and post the 1st Annual Dinaka/Kiba Festival. After receiving kind support from the National Arts Council of South Africa in 2014 to organize and host the festival, it was requested that next time we apply for funding we must do it as a group not as individuals. The ultimate goal of the cooperative is to deal with structural challenges faced by Dinaka/Kiba Music and Dance groups in Ga Molepo and elsewhere.

Mission: to undertake the production, documentation, packaging, marketing and selling of Indigenous African and Dance locally, provincially, regionally and internationally.


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Mahlaga Molepo

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