Born on 7 August 1989, Meddy (real name Ngabo Médard Jobert) is a Chicago, U.S based RnB and Pop artist from Rwanda. He was born to Sindayihebura Alphonse and Cyabukombe Alphonsine. He is the second born in a family of four children. He is one of the top RnB and pop artists in the country who are best known for releasing good music videos. He attended Ecole Primaire St. Joseph, Ecole Primaire La Colombière and Lycée La Colombière schools. He pursued his education by enrolling at ULK University. He relocated to Chicago, US. His love for music was prompted by church where he used to sing gospel songs. Shortly afterwards, he moved to secular music.

He and other artists left the country in 2010 following an invitation by the Rwandan community living in Washington. Other artists who joined him are The Ben, K8 Kavuyo and Cedru. They have since remained in the U.S. where they are pursuing their music careers. The foursome keep releasing songs through Pressone Entertainment, a record label in the UK.

In 2014, he released a gospel song called ‘Holy Spirit’. The song was well-received and received much airplay on local radio and TV stations. This was followed by his hit ‘Burinde Bucya’ which enhanced his fame.

USChicago, United States


Ngabo Médard Jobert
Profile added by Ano Shumba on 20 Aug 2015
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