Mawazo Art Centre


Mawazo Contemporary Art Centre creates spaces for Tanzanian, African and International artists to research, produce and exhibit their Art.

They believe that creativity and innovation are fundamental to human development and they invest in the Arts because it celebrates and promotes the gift of human imagination and embraces diversity and curiosity.

Mawazo, meaning ‘ideas and thoughts’ in Kiswahili, was founded in 2002 by Rachel Kessi and supports an array of art forms: sculpture, dance, photography, paintings, theatre, music, film, video, printmaking, collage, graffiti and home designs.

They do not have a physical centre of their own but they 'pop up' in available spaces in and around the city of Dar es Salaam. Their office is a mobile phone and laptop.

Cultural partners in Tanzania: Nafasi Art Space, Alliance française, Goethe Institut, Busara promotions, Russian Tanzanian Culture Centre, Ibuka dance foundation, Muda Africa/Time 2 Dance programme.

TZDar es Salaam, Tanzania
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Rachel Kessi
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