Maudee Montierre


Maudee Montierre is a South African soprano. She also plays piano and castanets, can speak Afrikaans, English, German, Italian, French and Polish, and can dance flamenco, Spanish, tap, jazz, modern ballet, modern dance, lyrical and African styles.

In 2010, Maudee took part in master classes with Prof. H. Lazarski in Lübeck, Germany and Lubostron, Poland. In 2011, she was awarded the prestigious SAMRO Overseas Scholarship Competition for Singers, as well as the Eric Chisholm Memorial Prize for Opera. She was also a finalist in the ATKV Muziqanto Vocal Competition. In 2015 she received her PhD from the University of Cape Town.

ZACape Town, South Africa


Maudee Montierre
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