Mathew S Wakhungu


Mathew is a music lover from Nairobi, Kenya.

He is the co-founder of the media monitoring platform SanaaCharts.
Before this, he was a songwriter and performer with the Kenyan supergroup Camp Mulla, where he worked alongside some of Africa's biggest stars.

He later joined the father-son team of Matthew and Sean Peevers at Supersonic Africa, where he worked as a music producer and sound engineer, completing multiple commercial pieces for some of Kenya's bluechip companies.

Whilst at Supersonic, Matthew completed three seasons of Coke Studio, working closely with Africa's biggest stars. During this period, he also honed his skills as a DJ and was amongst the first Kenyans to showcase on the world-renowned Boiler Room stage, voted as the Alternative DJ of the Year (Cafe Ngoma Awards) shortly after.

He is now the Music Director at TRACE Radio & TRACE Mziki, where he works as the first certified East African programmer using the RCS & Louise system.

KENairobi, Kenya
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Mathew Wakhungu

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