Marshal Mampa


Jean Paul Mugabo commonly known as Marshal (Masho) Mampa was born in August 1986 in Kicukiro in Kigali city, he is the 2nd in the family of 4 children.

He joined music industry in 2008 and after leaving the 'G-Unit' group he released his first song Ibyanjye Ndabizi where he featured with Fireman, 'The Diplomate' and 'P'Fla, produced by lick-lick, of Kigali's famous studio- F2K studios.

He then released 'Babiri ku rutonde' featuring Diplomate and then 'Irimbi ry'abazima' with The Ben, He was later imprisoned for 2 years  and while in prison, he composed a song called 'Wasi we' and many other songs. 

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Marshal Mampa
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