Marcus Harvey


Marcus Harvey is a South African rapper and producer.

Marcus Harvey was born in the Alexandra township in Johannesburg. His career kicked off during his teens under the moniker Hipnautik in Alexandra, where he made waves courtesy of a few impressive open mic sessions. This led to the formation of Tales of the Cool Music. His singles include ‘Mosadi’ featuring KAEB and ‘Find Your Love’ featuring Zimkitha. He credits his mother, Brenda Fassie and Winnie Mashaba as sources of influence.

In 2020, he released a 11-track debut album called 'I Am Marcus Harvey'. The album is available for streaming on various platforms and features such songs as ‘Areyeng’, ‘Be Right Back’, ‘Send Me To My Love’, ‘Whatever You Want’, ‘Find Your Love’ and ‘Alright’.

I Am Marcus Harvey was released by Tales of the Cool Music, an indie record label that the artist co-owns. The album reached No 3 on the Apple Music Alternative Chart. It reflects the trials and tribulations of young people as well as issues of love and loss with a strong sense of identity at its core.


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Marcus Harvey
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