Mamou Daffé


Mamou Daffé is the chairperson of Arterial Network. He is an entrepreneur who fights for culture and development.

Daffé focuses on existing connections between cultural and economic spheres. He believes in the
promotion of local economy through cultural projects. In 2005, Daffé founded the annual Festival sur
le Niger, a project designed to promote cultural expressions while boosting Mali’s economy through
the arts. The festival has gained popularity and is rated among the top cultural events in West Africa.

In February 2010, Daffé created with his Malian colleagues KYA Network, a national representative
of the pan-African Arterial Network in Mali. KYA Network aims to promote development in Mali though cultural

In February 2011, he created the Centre Culturel Kôrè and the IKAM training institute for the
development of art professions and the improvement of artists and cultural actors of Mali and

With a rich experience as a cultural entrepreneur, he has designed a strategic plan encompassing three
axes: culture and information, networking and training as well as marketing and management of cultural

Mamou Daffé's projects are designed to demonstrate that culture is a central factor in socio-economic

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