Malehloka Hlalele, popularly known as Maleh, returns in 2022, with a brand new Afro Pop album titled ‘Lerato Laka' In this much anticipated offering, Maleh shares the different seasons of her life that would propel her to step into her own power as an independent Woman. ‘Lerato laka ’, celebrates the journey women take into finding alignment, realising their worth, discovering self love and pursuing their destinies, against all odds.
Songs, such as ‘Fire Dancer’ and ‘Maboneng’, and ‘March on’ explore the challenges of ensuring the fulfilment of purpose as well as the realisation of one’s vision and dream. The variety of musical sounds and influences by different genres, showcased throughout the project, further display the artist’s versatility and ability to uniquely approach different ‘tones’ while still maintaining the authenticity of her voice and soulful spirit.
Maleh is also recognised for her heartfelt love ballads, and songs like ‘Sokalam’ and ‘Lerato laka' are true to form, maintaining her reputation as an amorous songwriter, from her heart to her pen. In ‘Dem go say’, Maleh shares her vulnerability after experiencing heartbreak, while going on to encourage belief in the healing power of love and the eternal hope inherent in the quest for true Love.
The album is produced by Nigerian producer, Goldsmith, who has steered the music onto an international stage, approaching it with sound choices that produce a current and youthful character, which inevitably for makes a beautiful blend and fusion of West African and Southern African melodies and sound.
This album comes at a time where the narrative regarding Womens’ issues especially those pertaining to abuse within domestic relationships as well as various other forms of oppression are being acutely and critically highlighted and confronted, as women around the world continue to find ways to unite against these social ills. This album promotes the celebration of the Power of a Woman and the need for every woman to claim her position in her life as Queen, requiring no validation from others, but realising the uniqueness and deeper value and significance that lies within herself.
Maleh began her musical journey in the heart of the majestic mountain Kingdom of Lesotho where she was born and raised. The vocalist’s professional career took off in Bloemfontein where she joined Afro-Pop group Kaya, which released their debut album ‘Kunzima’, winning them the Metro FM best newcomer award in 2005. She later parted from the group to further her studies at a film college in Johannesburg, where she majored in cinematography. Upon graduating, Maleh later worked for several events production companies as a production coordinator, producing various major music festivals. Discovering the music industry from behind the scenes, it was not long until the stage would call back the songstress. Having worked at one of South Africa’s most prominent Jazz festivals, Standard Bank Joy of Jazz, she found that she was most inspired by the performances of Chris Botti and Lalah Hathaway, thus fuelling her return to...


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