The origins of the Madajazzcar festival date back to October 1988, when a jazz club was created at the French Alliance of Tananarive (AFT) by a group of local doctors and jazz fans. Under the leadership of the AFT and its director Pierre Tissot, a local festival was established in 1989, first known as Jazz in Tana and then Jazz in Mada in 1990. After a brief interruption in 1991, the event returns as Festival International Madajazzcar. In 1992, the International Festival Madajazzcar hosted local jazz musicians as well as artists from other parts of the Indian Ocean region, Africa, Asia, the USA and Europe. In 2001, the organizing committee of the International Festival Madajazzcar welcomed Désiré Razafindrazaka as its new president. He and his team have since then established Madajazzcar as the premier jazz festival in the Indian Ocean region.


MGAntananarivo, Madagascar
In operation since: 


Désiré Razafindrazaka
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