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The Lusaka Hub is a technology platform based in Lusaka, Zambia. It is known for sharing information, knowledge, solutions and other bits of technology and innovation. It works with students and organisations through organising ICT training for school leavers, students and other interest groups. It also works with health, agriculture, education, NGOs and SMEs sectors by utilising open source platforms. The platform is a part of YASTEN (Youth Advocacy for Skills Training and Education Network), a youth non-profit committed to empowering youths through Skills Training and Advocacy for a better Education system in Zambia.

In addition, the hub coordinates different events for entrepreneurs, start-ups and other interest groups. Among their recent events (as of March 2016) was the two-day UP (Unlimited Potential) Music Innovation and Entrepreneurship workshop for artists, promoters, managers, producers and radio presenters, held at the University of Zambia in February 2016 and aimed at developing music entrepreneurs and helping artists to become pro-active opportunity creators.

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Lusaka Hub
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