Lumumba Theatre Group


Lumumba Theatre Group is an African traditional and contemporary musical, dance and theatre group from Tanzania.

The group's style is a combination of East African music and dance talks about Tanzania and Africa in general.

Lumumba was established as an independent theatre group in 1997. It was legally registered with the Tanzania Arts Council 2002.

Lumumba contributed to the growth of the music and dance scenes in Dar es Salaam. The group has signed up for workshops and performance opportunities with music crossroads competitions, marking the beginning of participation on international platforms. They have performed in Zanzibar, Sweden, India, Philippine, Qatar, South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Kenya and Uganda.

In 2019, Lumumba Theatre toured France and Spain for two months exhibiting their ability to perform and conducting workshops in schools.

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Masafa Mwalimu

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