Lirical BuuH


The Rapper was born on 06 March 1996 in the Capital City of North West in Mafikeng ,his real name is Tshireletso Maiketswane and the recognition of himself is that he once tried to ignore everything on his own but he engaged himself with rap music ever since he realize how deeper he is when he get to the studio.

Type of Music he's doing it's Motswako Music and he wanted to show some commitment that he can ride a cliff where by legends cannot ride and up to so far he started rapping when he was in Middle school at Makgetla Middle school in Magogoe around 2011 and he was doing Grade 8 but he became more committed when he was doing Grade 10 at Barolong High School and he also managed also to start to learn more of things like producing his own Music and he was the only one who knew everything on his content and he never silence himself all after all.

The minute he walked to his last Class (Grade 12)at Barolong High School was the Minute he was giving himself to the Stormout Records runners and the Rapper became more powerful and his Crew became creative in writing Music and they promised to give out more of Music from their side at Stormout Records but beside that Lirical BuuH is working on a new EP ttled "The World Of Today" and he almost focusing in New Age Music as one of South African Music.

Life only like things in different ways but Lirical BuuH just arrived to make some move as a vocalist and as a South African Artist and he runs door to door in Music thing.


ZAMafikeng, South Africa
In operation since: 


Tshireletso Maiketswane
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