Anathi Tima born on the 31st of December 1996 ,who is known by his stage name LILLY TIMA.Is an afro house Dj located in Cape Town, khayelitsha, South Africa.
LILLY TIMA's love for music started back in 2011 with an influence of Dj Shimza, Dj fresh, Oskido and many more.
I was also influenced by my mother who was a radio Dj back in the late 90s.
I started my journey of learning how to Dj late 2011 using DJ MIXER which was an app that was installed only on Nokia c1 are c2 phones. Than mid 2012 I was introduced to virtual DJ. I was exposed in CDjs in 2014 were I'd sneak in
on taverns near me and I will stand beside the Dj & look at what he was doing then I'll try to implement it on virtual dj at home. It was hard for me because no one wanted to teach me to Dj for free.During that time I had no source of income even my parents were struggling to put food on the table.
Early 2015 I was familiar with few buttons on cdjs but I was not ready to play in a crowd. June 2015 I was booked on an event which was Winter Explosion & it was hosted by some guys I knew so I had to play ready are not.Luckly I managed to finish the set with few problems than I expected.
More gigs started to come since I was pushing mixtape alot.
2016 till late 2018 were paused years for me as a dj since I had to hustle & invest on my career.
2019 December I got a gig in i-Dutywa (Eastern Cape) & it was my 1st gig out of western Cape,
Than 2020 I also got a booking in Joburg but unfortunately the event that booked me had to postpone their event since of corona virus.
2021 I decided to join Bridges for music(music school), were I learnt how to produce, graphic disirgning & manage my own brand.


ZACape Town, South Africa
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