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Micheal Taye, also known by his stage names Lij Michael or Faf, is an Ethiopian artist who is a rising star in the hip hop scene. He is one of the hip hop artists who put Ethiopian Hip hop on the Map. He was born in Addis Ababa, on February 19, 1986. He graduated from Ethiopia Andenet high school. And he had the chance to pursue higher education at Soft-net College to gain a diploma in I.T. Before stating a courier in music he worked in IT, which helped gain a lot of experience and disciple to be successful in his life. He discovered he had a passion for music when he started working as an MC appearing in musical shows organized at high education institutions. After that his passion for started to MC on many other stages while also entertaining audience with his dynamic talent laced with a spicy flavor and unique style that fuses Ethiopian and hip-hop music.

Since then Faf has made a remarkable impact on the music industry in Ethiopia. Faf is known for being one of the originators of hip-hop music genre in Ethiopia with unique singing style and exceptionally gripping performance.In early 2016, Lij Michael released his debut album 'Zaraye Yehun Nege' compromised of 15 songs that are all hip hop genre. It is one of the first widely accepted in hip hop albums in Ethiopia. He wrote all the lyrics to his songs which shows he is not only a performer but also a talented song writer.With his captivating performances he has been able to tour all over Europe, to promote his first album which turned out to be a huge hit. His main goal was to promote Ethiopian hip hop to the world.He has collaborated with up and coming artists like Sami Dan and Bisrat Surafel. His ability to rap in such a high energy and in captivating manner has put him as front runner as one of the best rappers that Ethiopia has to offer. He was also on coke studio Africa season 4 which a music show which has several artists from Africa collaborate and work together to create amazing music.

He has been nominated for an MTV music award AMAs for African musicians, which helped him cement is status as one of the best rappers in Ethiopia. He also has such a close relationship with his fans which is not that the norm in the Ethiopian music industry. This has helped him garner a huge and loyal fan base. He is currently working on his second album which will surely be a spectacle to witness.

In summary, Lij Micheal is a force to be reckoned with in the Ethiopian hip hop culture, he performs with such passion and engaging way that people can’t get enough. He is a formidable entertainer, but he is also a celebrated song writer and producer, who produced his first album.


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