Liberian National Museum


The National Museum of Liberia primary goal is to preserve and display the country's heritage through the display of cultural artifacts and other historical items.

The museum is classified in three tiers. On the ground floor there is a historiography gallery containing presidential papers, private documents and memoirs of past members of the Liberian government as well as photographs and cartographical resources. The Ethnographical Gallery is located on the second floor. The third floor houses a contemporary arts gallery. Many of the art works on display are product of a contract between the museum and art institutions throughout the country where artists are commissioned to produce for the museum.

The museum additionally houses a portable video system, editing and archival materials, cassette recordings and slides of visual and oral arts many of which offer an insight into Liberian cultures such as dance and the use of masks in the country.

LRMonrovia, Liberia


Liberian National Museum
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