BIRTH NAME : Leze' AGE : 21 SEX : Male

L.E.Z.E commonly known as "zay" or "zayzay" is a powerful and creative rap artist as well as a singer that is on the verge of being the BIGGEST out there, willing to dominate every instrumental that lay before him .

L.E.Z.E is also the HEAD producer /songwriter for H.O.T.H Records which is a studio run by Leze' and his father Gavin Arrison as Partners.

Rap artist/singer/songwriter/producer L.E.Z.E has been performing since the age of 6 years old and has performed for the Cape Town Coon Carnival ,later on also appearing on the show 30 seconds to fame and SA'z got talent L.E.Z.E has a unique sound and flow with lyrics that are so open about his past experiences u cant help but relate and get captured by the intense emotion poured into some of his songs

ZAPretoria, South Africa
In operation since: 

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