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Lenin Sorojena Guveya is a township jazz and reggae artist based in Harare Zimbabwe, he was born on the 9th of July 1991 in Highfield Harare Zimbabwe. He studied his primary education at Mutasa primary school and his secondary studies at Highfield 2 High school[Gorongoza]. Sorojena comes from a musical family background where his father is a lead guitarist and lead vocalist of Vadzimba Band which is based in Highfield and was established in 1986. His father inspired him to play the bass guitar at the age of 9, of which he managed to form the Planet boys band with his friends at that young age where they used homemade instruments where they did songs Ambuya varipi and Why unfortunately they did not record the songs by then. In 2008 that‚ is when he met Roki real name Rockford Josphat and he started grooming him and introducing him to the music industry. Lenin recorded his first song titled‚ Äújoy‚ Äù at Angel Voices record studio in Waterfalls in the year 2009. In the year 2012 he recorded two singles songs titled Sunshine and Queen of my heart at Washen basket Roki’s Studio in Parktown Harare where Soul Jah Love, Simplex, Rass Caleb, Angelz and Kinnah were groomed as well by then. Guveya won several prizes at ZBC Voice Box under YGT banner. Year 2013 he left Zimbabwe for South Africa in search of greener pastures where he was doing live shows, in 2015 he did curtain raising for Anton B a Jamaican reggae artist in Rustenburg. He came back to Zimbabwe in 2016 and recorded a song called Hauterere at Kenako studio in Borrowdale with the help of Roki. That same year he recorded a song Mai Caroline with Sludem studio. Guveya also ventured into a contract with Zim Talent where he did 12-episode comedy acts and musical videos for Mai Caroline and Change how you feel. Sorojena registered Vadzimba Arts and Cultural Trust where he was advocating for drug and substance abuse and all forms of child abuse, they partnered with the City of Harare Council, where they used the council infrastructure for training and advocacy purposes. The Trust failed to progress well to fulfil its purpose due to incapacitation [lack of funding]. At Wakanda studio Roki’s studio he recorded Pondo Muhomwe, Kakutsatika, Bhoo here featuring Discord, My Love featuring Maskiri, Hapana featurimg Rocky and Kanandinewe featuring Master H, he aslo did Mfo wetu, Zangata featuring Tocky Vybes and Endlini with Lazy Tee Big Tings studio as well as being a backing vocalist of Rocky and Maskiri. During the pandemic era to date, he joined hands with Romeo Gasa and they started a movement called Nhari Tribe where they started helping upcoming artists from rural areas such as King Ragnar who is based in Mhangura and Styles from Highfield. Currently Sorojena is doing social work such as drug and substance abuse awareness, girl child empowerment, self-esteem boosting and youth empowerment. Lenin is no longer doing karaoke performances he is...


ZWHarare, Zimbabwe
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