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Taking inspiration from events like WOMAD and Glastonbury, Will Jameson set up the Lake of Stars project in 2003 to encourage international tourism to Malawi. The project uses cultural tourism to generate revenue and exposure for Malawi. It was born from a desire to raise money for a developing economy, help promote Malawi as a tourist destination and expose Malawian artists to an international audience. In 2004 Will launched the first Lake of Stars Festival, headlined by Andy Cato from Groove Armada. The festival attracted dozens of people from Europe and hundreds attended from all over Malawi and Southern Africa. It won the Malawi Tourism Award in its first year and has grown to become one of the best known African festivals on the global circuit.

After taking a break from the festival in 2012 to support local initiatives, the project returned last year with City of Stars, a 10-year anniversary event that took place in September. A multi-venue arts festival and conference, City of Stars showcased the best in emerging and acclaimed talent from Malawi and beyond, and featured an eclectic programme of live music, film, theatre, exhibitions and speakers. It promoted Malawian culture and creativity as well as attracting international artists and arts practitioners.

The festival takes place over three days, set on the shimmering, palm-fringed shores of one of Africa’s largest lakes, Lake Malawi. It features artists from Malawi, Africa and the rest of the world, who gather for a musical, social and cultural exchange in a festival location like no other. The festival acts as the focal point when travelling around this beautiful country, forming part of an itinerary spanning all that Malawi has to offer. Come and discover the sights and sounds of Malawi, 'the Warm Heart of Africa' and one of Lonely Planet’s top 10 countries to visit in 2014. This is a true adventure into the cultural heartbeat of a vibrant nation.


MWLilongwe, Malawi
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