Laika Masuku


Laika Masuku is a music professional from South Africa.

Organizing show:
• Research details for potential clients and venues via all sorts of media such radio, newspapers, radio interviews and social networks.
• Finding suitable venues for specific genres of music including but not limited to hotels, festivals, restaurants, bars and private / corporate events.
• Arranging meetings with clients and event organizers during all stages of planning the even until final performances.
• Attendance of shows, interviews and production meeting with follow up communication via email expressing thanks and appreciation with organizers.
• Time management for shows, meetings and advertising.

On set:
• Management of refreshments and dressing rooms for artists.
• Creating seating plans ensuring promoters and VIPs receive front of house seats.
• Backstage management during wardrobe changes.
• Organising front of house props, technical check and background music before live performance.
Advertising and Marketing:
• Putting together posters once when performances have been booked and confirmed distributing them to different businesses and posting in all areas.
• Using social networks to post advertisements with all information on performances.
• Advertise in newspapers, magazines, restaurants and public walls.
• Budgeting: depending on Artist and resources available.
• Selling of artist merchandise before and after the show
• Organizing ticket sales at different venues

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Laika Masuku

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