Real name Bisade Ologunde, is a Saxophonist, Singer-Song-writer. He started his career in the early 80's while still a student of the University of Ife, Nigeria in a band called Itan, which had other soon-to-be popular individuals like Kayode Olajide, Funmi Onabolu etc

He gained cult popularity whilst performing as his real-life alter-ego Bisade Ologunde and the Colours Band, which played Fusion Jazz, in the early 90's.

The phenomenon Lagbaja was born when Ologunde conceived a faceless musician that would represent the man-on-the street in Nigeria. Sourced from the Yoruba word for "somebody" or "anybody", Lagbaja released his debut album in 1994 titled "Side by side", playing a blend of Highlife and Afrobeat, which became a massive hit, propelling him to instant fame. His live performances were spectacular, sometimes featuring him emerging on stage aerially, or via Canoe.

His follow-up album- "Coolu Temper" was an even bigger hit gaining him a strong International following. He was to release several albums and won a number of awards including the Nigerian Music Award, City People Award, Channel O Music award etc. He is currently based in New York, USA.

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Bisade Ologunde
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