Kwilimuna Ceremony


Kwilimuna Ceremony is an annual event held in July in the Ichipembwe arena, at Ibenga in Mpongwe District of the Copperbelt Province in Zambia. This is a lively celebration of Zambian culture. Over a three day period, the history of the Bulima tribe is told, Chief Malembeka is praised as the honorable head of the Bulima tribe, and there is a lively program of speeches intermingled with music, traditional dance and sketches with a purpose.

At this traditional 'harvest festival', on the first day guests start to assemble and food preparations begin. On the following day the feasting gets underway, with traditional dancing, and sketches with a message. The Kwilimuna Ceremony culminates on the third day when the Chief and the various dignitaries join the festivities.



Kwilimuna Ceremony
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