Born in January 26, 1991 in the rural areas of Marianhill, Durban, Siyanda Blessing Madondo who is also known as KingCB. Fearing the neglection and being rejected due to having an eye disability and to be the first public figure with the same disability, his mother raised him and his siblings as a single parent. He spent his teenage years in song writing and producing more than being an artist. Much to his surprise, it all bacame a reality when he auditioned for a 10 000 rand price and came out second, at Chatsworth's got talent. Understanding his family background he started using narcotics, which he recovered from and perused his dream. Losing his grandmother and seeing his best friend get sentence to life became a turning point for him, even through his musical career.

Dedicated and determinated to persue his career, he then created his own label "Money Over You", and focused more on his musical career and recorded a mixtape "I Am The Future" which was released in June 2013. Early the following year, his produced Jetro's EP titled, "Mshizolo" which served as a major step up towards his musical career. From there he wrote a song which was stolen by a producer in Durban and the song made a major breakthrough through for KingCB, even though he did not get any credit for his work. Under his label he released his second mixtape "The Premonition", from which we remember the hit song, "Cava leSwag, I'm Blessed and Get Money" which never got the attention it deserves.

The songs are said to be expected on his upcoming Mixtape later in 2016.


ZADurban, South Africa
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Siyanda Madondo

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