The Kebulans


The Kebulans is an Ethiopian band that was founded in the Hahu Cafe', just a few meters from the Green View restaurant. Four young individuals (Carlo Ertola, Estena Ephrem, Mahlet Negash, and Nahom Zewge) met to discuss their shared interest and laid the basic framework for their musical journey as a group. The main objective was not money, fame, or power, but rather the creation, expansion, and evolution of an interconnected family that could do something great in music.

They started practice sessions successfully a few days later and started to do performances in front of family and friends. Their first public appearance was in the Ayeramba local high-school with a newly acquired member that unfortunately left us shortly afterwards (went to America). Their first paid performance, and the second public appearance was at the Juventus Club (behind Meskel Square) for the 2011 Western Christmas Eve. The audience's feed-back was exceptional, and the event heavily boosted the bands confidence leaving. It was this performance that earned them a new drummer and percussionist that later joined the band for about a year.

Since then, they've been participating in international music competitions, Thursdays in a four-star hotel, private parties, fund-raisers, album releases (as back-ups), and much more.

The bands members are currently enrolled at the Jazzamba Music School and are planning to upgrade the band from semi-acoustic, to a full-blown, all-capable ensemble of talented artists.

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The Kebulans
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