Born 4 December 1994, Kans (real name Neo Winston Nonyana) is a South African rapper from Rustenburg. He joined the music industry in 2012. In 2013, he joined a local Group called Ds-Fam. The group was made up of Cush, SK, Teddy Blayze and Stunna O.G.

Ds-Fam released six songs which did not do well in the market. The group only lasted for three months and Kans decided to go solo but later joined another group called DOPE-MOB. It had the following rappers Gopzvilla, Ne-Oh, Skinny Gibbz, Trizzy-D & SK.

Dope Mob became popular through their first single titled 'One Of Those Nights'. The song had over 1000 downloads in less than 18 hours of its release. Shortly afterwards, Kans began releasing his solo music and some of his songs include 'Pictures Of Us', 'Turnin’Up' (feat. Skinny Gibbz), 'G-Sh#t' (feat. Gopzvilla) and a few others.

In 2014, he worked on his debut solo mixtape called 'Kansveli (Official Mixtape)'. the mixtape featured three singles namely 'Yellow Bandannas' (Feat. Gopzvilla), 'Goin’ Down' and 'We Made It'.


ZARustenburg, South Africa
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Neo Nonyana

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