Kamata School of Music


Kamata Entertainment School of Music is a company has nurtured and groomed some of the most successful artists in Kenya. They have recorded many artists and created some of the biggest hits in Kenyan Music.

The entertainment business and training in Music is their core venture. Kenya is a culturally diverse country. The business thereof encompasses wide coverage of cultural music for varying audiences across the country. Their business seeks to provide quality entertainment services for both corporate and social events.

Entertainment in events: They strive to provide the best entertainment services to our clients, considering their cultural orientation. We have live bands, M.C.s and D.J.s that provide entertainment services to our clients. They have performed in weddings, corporate functions, birthday parties and live concerts.

Training in Music and Entertainment: Their School of Music and Entertainment seeks to develop musicians and entertainment providers who understand the business dynamics of the industry.

The organisation focuses on equipping persons of all ages and walks of life in Kenya with technical knowledge in music, compounded with entertainment management skills relevant in the entertainment business.

To date, they have registered and trained over 6,000 students in Music and Entertainment.

KENairobi, Kenya
In operation since: 


Kamata Music School

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