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KalinPashaliev est le rédacteur en chef de Music In Africa.

Avant de rejoindre Music In Africa début 2017, il a travaillé pour diverses publications en Afrique du Sud en tant que journaliste et éditeur, et a été correspondant de la télévision nationale bulgare à Johannesburg.

Il est diplômé en journalisme de l'Université de Johannesburg.


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DJ Arafat , the popular musician who died in a motorcycle accident on August 12, was an icon of coupé-décalé, a genre and movement from his native Ivory Coast popularised by Douk Saga in the early...
Nyege Nyege has been working closely with a Chinese label as it prepares to hold the fifth edition of the festival at Nile Discovery Beach in Jinja, Uganda, run from 5 to 8 September.
The Uganda Registration Service Bureau (URSB), under the advisement of the Uganda National Culture Forum (UNCF), has launched investigations into the alleged mismanagement of funds and remittance of...
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This is part 2 of The Big Loui Lvndn Interview. Read part 1 here .


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