Kalin Pashaliev


KalinPashaliev est le rédacteur en chef de Music In Africa.

Avant de rejoindre Music In Africa début 2017, il a travaillé pour diverses publications en Afrique du Sud en tant que journaliste et éditeur, et a été correspondant de la télévision nationale bulgare à Johannesburg.

Il est diplômé en journalisme de l'Université de Johannesburg.


Updates with regard to the opportunities available for African music professionals amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
When the Springbok Nude Girls came to town to play Roxy’s Rhythm Bar in the mid- or late ‘90s, the queue would go past the gay bar, around the corner towards the reggae-inspired joint, Cool Runnings...
The lack of fair compensation of artists by broadcasters has long stunted the growth of the creative industry in Kenya. Broadcasters are the biggest users of creative content, yet they do not pay...
The ACP-EU Culture Programme is inviting interested participants to register for a webinar titled Towards a Sustainable Cultural and Creative Industry in African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries on 9...


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