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Moh’d Tohir .O. Abdulmalik, also known by his stage name Juicy ML, is an upcoming artist striving to become a star. He was born and raised in Abuja, Nigeria. He went to Kogi state polytechnic lokoja, a nigerian high school from which He is studing computer science.
In 2018 he graduated with a dual WAEC result. Even though he spent most of his time in school his passion for music was born with him. he was so devoted in his singing career that he started singing in a different night club when he was still in high school.
Juicy ML. is a rising star in the Nigerian music industry. Even though he spent most of his time in school his passion for music was born with him. He has worked with notable Ethiopian artists such as Theodros Kassahun (Teddy afro),Zeritu Kebede, Jhonny Raga, Natenael Ayalew (Nhatty Man) and many more. He has also collaborated with a Nigerian artist Ras Kimono to create awareness to global warming and the damage it causes to our environment.
His ability to sing in French, English and Amharic could possibly be his golden ticket into the international market. He aspires to show his nigerian heritage in his work and bring more exposure to the richness and beauty of his culture.His travel to the United States was the first step in the efforts of attaining his goal. During his stay in the US, he had the chance to collaborate with even more artists one of which is Tomas Doncker, a jazz artist. He also performed at the blue note jazz club in New York. His experience in New York leads his to Studio Samuel, a nongovernmental organization that helps empower women in Nigeria so they can overcome poverty and change their lives. He currently holds the title of Ambassador for Studio Samuel.
In November 2019 Juicy ML released his debut single “Locked Freestyle”. The single was met with instant acclaim from all who heard it. The record comprises original top notch vocals making for a comprehensive introduction to Juicy ML’s uniquely captivating repertoire.
Juicy ML has come back with a brand new single entitled “Her Attention” which also has got the face of many individuals that has a rare range of genre called Afro-Soul.

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